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It Happened At The World's Fair



Shooting began August 27, 1962 

Opened in Los Angeles on  April 3, 1963

Opened nationally on April 10, 1963

Character:  Mike Edwards

Producer: Ted Richmond

Director: Norman Taurog



This musical comedy takes place against the backdrop of the 1963 Seattle World's Fair. Mike Edwards and his friend Danny Burke hitchhike to Seattle to find work. They are desperately seeking money to finance their plane on which the sheriff has taken a lien against. They hitch a ride with a Chinese farmer and his seven-year-old niece. when business unexpectedly occupies the Uncle, Mike takes Sue-Lin to the World's Fair where he meets and falls for Nurse Diane Warren. When sue-Lin's uncle fails to reclaim her, Mike takes on the responsibility of the little girl. Child Welfare threatens to take her away from Mike and Danny inadvertently becomes involved with smugglers. The film ends on a happier note, with Sue-Lin's uncle returning for her and Mike and Diane find love in each other.



"Beyond the Bend"-Sung over the opening credits as Elvis pilots a biplane.

"Relax" - Sung at Yvonne Craig's house.

"Take Me to the Fair" - Sung to Vicky Tiu on the back of a flatbed truck while playing the ukulele.

"They Remind Me Too Much of You" - Sung on the monorail at night while Vicky Tiu slept. The song was sung over the soundtrack-Elvis didn't lip-synch.

"One Broken Heart For Sale" - Sung at the Century 21 Estates. The Mello Men sang backup.

"I'm Falling in Love Tonight" - Sung to Joan O'Brien in the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.

"Cotton Candy Land" - Sung to Vicky Tiu while trying to get her to fall asleep in the trailer.

"A World of Our Own" - Sung to Joan O'Brien outside the trailer.

"How Would You Like To Be" - Sung to Vicky Tiu in the trailer. She joins him in a duet.

"Happy Ending" - sung at the conclusion of the film while marching in front of a band, Joan O' Brien joins in a partial duet.



Mike Edwards - Elvis Presley

Diane Warren - Joan O'Brien

Danny Burke - Gary Lockwood

Sue-Lin - Vicky Tiu

Vince Bradley - H. M. Wynant

Miss Steuben, the Head Nurse - Edith Atwater

Barney Thatcher - Guy Raymond

Miss Ettinger - Dorothy Green

 Walter Ling - Kam Tong

Dorothy Johnson - Yvonne Craig

Sheriff Garland - Russell Thorson

Mechanic - Wilson Wood

Mr. Farr, the Foreman at Great Washington Produce - Robert B. Williams

Henry Johnson - Olan Soule

Emma Johnson - Jacqueline Dewit

Charlie - John Day

Fred - Red West

Poker Players - Paul Gorss, John Indrisano, Troy Melton

June - Sandra Giles

Rita - Evelyn Dutton

Redhead on Monorail - Linda Humble

Boy Who Kicks Elvis - Kurt Russell

Erna, a Concessionaire - Erna Tanler

Chinese Attendant - Jong Ok Kim

Second Attendant - Kathryn MacGuinness

Crap shooter - George Cisar

Dice Players - Hal Riddle, Sid Kane, Don Brodie

Waitress - Paula Lane

Guards - David Tyrrell, John Francis

Airport Guard - Mike Mahoney

Lieutenant Staffer - Tom Greenway

NASA Recruiting Officer - Patrick Waltz

Carnival Man - Joe Esposito

Mechanic - J. Lewis Smith

Crap Shooters - Herbert Bress, George Milan, Joe Quinn, Charles Victor

Policeman - Pete Kellett

Cab Driver - Max Cutler


Production Notes:

One of the first titles for It Happened At the World's Fair was Mister, Will You Marry Me. In February 1962 it was changed to Take Me Out to the Fair. One month later it became Take Me To The Fair.

Filming began in Culver City and then later moved to Seattle for the monorail scene to be the first put on film.

While in Seattle Elvis stayed on the fourteenth floor of the New Washington Hotel.

It Happened At The World's Fair included the following World's Fair scenes: Monorail Ride, Skyride, Dream Car Exhibit, Bell Telephone Exhibit, Floating City of Tomorrow, Theme Building,  Science Exhibit, Filipino Building, Space Needle, and the restaurant in the Space Needle.

MGM arranged for a hundred special policemen to protect Elvis from Fair crowds while filming. Six Pinkerton plainclothes detectives were at his side every second he wasn't in front of the cameras.

Elvis' wardrobe cost $9,300 and included ten suits, four sports jackets, thirty shirts, fifteen pairs of slacks, two cashmere coats, and fifty five ties. This was created by Sy Devore, a leading Hollywood tailor who was hired to create a "look like a smart, well-dressed young businessman." Special care had to be taken especially with Elvis' trousers because he supposedly didn't wear underwear during this period.

It Happened at the World's Fair was ranked #55 in Variety's list of top-grossing films for 1963. It grossed $2.25 million for the year.


Mike Edward's plane was nicknamed Bessie. It's registration number was N6340.

Mike and Danny dusted potatoes for the Great Washington Produce Company.

Mike Edwards's hometown was Sherrington, Washington.

Danny lost $700 in a poker game held at Charlie's Garage in Clary, Washington. The ensuing fight caused Danny and Mike to leave town quickly.

While in Seattle, Mike and Danny stayed in a trailer at the Century 21 Estates on Lakeview Road. Barney Thatcher was the camp's manager. Danny won free use of Barney's station wagon by defeating him in a gin rummy game.

About forty-five seconds after singing "One Broken Heart For Sale" Elvis met Kurt Russell.


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