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A recent Scope commercial is filmed in Italy, portraying a young man who is lonesome for his sweetheart. Of course the theme song playing is Are You Lonesome Tonight.

I noticed a commercial, (I think that is what it was), on the Disney Channel, where Robin Williams does the voice of a George Washington cartoon character. George Washington is making a list of requests in which one of the requests was for "An Elvis stamp to go!"

Energizer commercial recently seen on TV, Elvis, "The King" is seen pulling into a service station to fill up his purple Cadillac convertible. The attendant notices that it is "The King" who has pulled into his station and is seen frantically  running inside to retrieve his camera from his desk. There are lots of Elvis memorabilia on his desk and actual footage of Elvis is used when they show the close-up facial shot.

Acura has gotten into the Elvis game as well. I noted that they use the song Viva Las Vegas in one of their commercials. The song, however, is not sung by Elvis, and it is done in a faster tempo.

AIG - opens with a clip of a DJ breaking Elvis records and proclaiming how he won't play them, next a commentator states, "they said they wouldn't play his records if he kept shaking his hips," Ed Sullivan waving no, & commentator states, "They said they wouldn't let him on TV if he wouldn't quit shaking his hips, Elvis is still shaking his hips," The next scene shows Elvis from a tour shot rear view with cape extended and a caption reading "Sometimes the greatest chances are the ones not taken."

Lipton Brisk Tea - opens with a claymation of Elvis in a jail cell. Claymation of James Brown is pushing a book cart and hands one to Elvis, which contains a hidden compartment. Elvis opens the book and pulls out a can of Brisk Iced Tea. He takes a drink and it breaks him out of jail. They break into the Jailhouse Rock number with Lipton lyrics replacing the original lyrics. Elvis sings and dances, James Brown, Coolio, and Willie Nelson claymations are his backup.

Prevacid has gotten into the act as well. They have taken Heartbreak Hotel, and changed the lyrics to Heartburn Hotel. Quite a cute commercial.

Kodak (Winter 2000) Flashes of various Kodak moments are seen at intervals on the screen while the jingle plays. One such moment is of an Elvis look alike dressed in a jumpsuit and sporting the famed sideburns, looks in the viewers direction as he walks by.

Dr Pepper utilizes Elvis' "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" in their commercial.




Jerry Reed, Johnny Cash, George Jones, and Mel Tillis recorded a album together entitled, The Old Dogs. They make reference to Elvis with the following line, "Elvis has left the building. All that's left is me". I didn't catch the name of the song, just heard the reference in it.  If you know the name of the song, please let me know!

Shania Twain sings reference to Elvis in her song, Don't Impress Me Much with the line, "What do you think your Elvis or something?" sung towards the end of the song.

Hal Ketchum makes reference as well. In the first line of Small Town Saturday Night, the first line is as follows: "There's an Elvis movie displaying on the marquee sign. We've all seen at least three times."

Black Velvet sung by Alannah Myles, is obviously a song based on Elvis, although the title wouldn't tell you that. One line in particular lets us know. "Love Me Tender leaves them crying in the isles."

Singer Mojo Nixon did a song called Elvis Is Everywhere! Guess this page proves that!

This song is by Faith Hill and can be found on her Breathe album. It is called You Bring Out The Elvis In Me. "You're bringing out the Elvis in me,  You're bringing out the Elvis in me. Just like a fossil, Frozen in time I could not move, My heart, my soul, my feet, Then you unearthed me, And put me in a hot pulsating groove, Now I'm a slave to the beat, You're bringing out the Elvis in me, Making my hips want to swing, You bring out the Elvis in me, Making me burst out and sing, When I'm with you, I never have to feel like a sardine In a little metal can, I'm more like a wild shark That travels in a pink limousine, yeah together with my fans, You're bringing out the Elvis in me, Making my hips want to swing, You bring out the Elvis in me, Making me burst out and sing, oh yeah, People think I'm a silly fool ,Because I think you are so nice and cool, And some people say You're so square, But I don't care, You're bringing out the Elvis in me, You're bringing out the Elvis in me, You're bringing out the Elvis in me, Making my hips want to swing, You bring out the Elvis in me, Making me burst out and sing, You're bringing out the Elvis in me." 

Diamond Rio's hit song It's All In Your Head  has a verse as follows:  "We never walked on the Moon, Elvis ain't dead, you ain't goin' crazy, it's all in your head." Thanks to Gary Andrews for this submission.




Even the Disney animation, Tarzan, makes reference to Elvis.  The gorilla Terk (voiced  by Rosie O' Donnell), whose upswept hairdo suggests an Elvis pompadour--poses with a pointed finger in imitation of the King and says, "Thank yuh veruh much."

I know all of you have heard of the famous toon, Johnny Bravo! His character is loosely based on Elvis. He has the appearance, voice and some of the moves, although not any of the smarts...lol!

Howie Mandell had a cartoon years ago called Bobby's World. One episode, Bobby is fantasizing about the 4th of July holiday. In his fantasy, a king seems to have the appearance of Elvis. In the same episode, Bobby gets a haircut and one of his choices is the "Elvis-style."

Warner Brothers put out a cartoon called Tazmanian Devil. In this particular episode, Taz is fighting a Kangaroo along with two Sumo wrestlers. These characters take on the appearance of Elvis, wearing jumpsuits, ducktail hair but extremely fat.

The action hero cartoon called Captain Planet makes reference to Elvis in their episode about trash recycling. The Planeteers are shrunken and "disposed of" in a trash dump. As they are seeking a way out of the dump, Planeteer Wheeler finds some "food" and begins to eat it when his friend stops him, proclaiming "Stop, don't eat that! You don't know how old that stuff is, look," as he picks up a paper laying next to it that headlines "Elvis is Back from the army? 1959!"

Another cartoon called Rollie Pollie Ollie is about a family of orbit shaped robot type people. One of Rollie's family members, his uncle Gizmo, looks and sounds like the King.

A two-headed cartoon dragon (voiced by Don Rickles and Eric Idle) appears in an Elvis jumpsuit and does a brief Presley impersonation during a fantasy song and dance sequence in Quest For Camelot.

Rugrats (1991-present), the kids are on their way to attend a Dummy Bears concert. While in route, their car breaks down. The kids are waiting for a mechanic, who they think is named "Jack" (actually they are waiting for a tire jack), to come fix their car. While the kids are looking for "Jack" they notice a man walking by who is dressed in an Elvis-like jumpsuit.

Blues Clues - Story Time (Video) - Steve puts on a gold crown and then in his Elvis voice says "All right now, now what do I need to do?" They proceed into a story about a King and of course Steve imitates "The King" in his best Elvis voice throughout the segment.

The Simpsons Homer and Ned are running from thier wives in a drunken stupor and the song Viva Las Vegas begins to play.




Dean Koontz's latest novel entitled "Seize the Night" makes many references to Elvis. The special project noted in the novel is entitled "Mystery Train". Also noted is at a point during the story, the radio is playing an Elvis song. Finally I am told that the main character of the story makes  many references to Elvis. This reference was sent to me by Mary. Thanks Mary

“Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit: A Midnight Louie Mystery” is a fictional novel which is based on an Elvis impersonator contest and the is loaded with Elvis trivia.

The Surgeon - Tess Gerritsen - on page 43, The author is defining idiosyncrieses of surgeons while in the operating room. "exhuberant Peter, who sang earsplittingly off-key Elvis songs in the OR, who organized paper airplane contests in the office, and happily got down on his hands and knees to play legos withhis pediatric patients."




Even the game market is getting into the act. For example, Nintendo 64's South Park Game has a cheat code, Elvis Lives

Speedyclick.com has a Black jack dealer who wears a devil disguise and his name is Elvis. Wonder what they are indicating here?

Atomfilms.com has an animated cartoon called Live & Let Die- Bears? One of the bears we see on a cliff who is about to jump off, proclaims, "Elvis is alive his is Barney the purple dinosaur, his is the pied piper that leads our children into the wages of sin and eternal damnation."

Vegas Palms Slots - Online Casino features a lucky charmer slot machine. This slot machine activates a bonus screen when the five snakes are hit. This bonus feature opens to a snake charmer sitting with three baskets. Pick the right horn, and he plays his music for the "snake" to be charmed out of his basket. One of these "snakes" is actually an Elvis caricature in a pink jumpsuit.

Web Million the online play and win site, features an Elvis related question in their Hangmillion game-Entertainment. The clue read "1950's Elvis song :             _ _ _  _ _ _ _  The answer: Too Much.

Boxerjam has a game called "Elvis=Lives"