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At The Movies



The Nutty Professor  (1996) is a remake of the old classic once done by Jerry Lewis. This portrayal is done by Eddie Murphy who plays many roles including the lead role of Professor Klump. One of his alter egos is Buddy Love, the thinner professor Klump.  Buddy is in a nightclub with his date. There is a comedian named Reggie on stage making fun of many of the audience members and Buddy decides to get back at him. After a back and forth joking contest, Buddy hits Reggie and says to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, Reggie has left the building. Thank you and goodnight." He then throws Reggie into the piano.

The crackpot comedy of Hot Shots! (1991) makes reference to Elvis as well. In one of the scenes Topper, played by Martin Sheen, and his rival are flying a practice flight. Topper breaks out of the formation, and when his officer asks what he's doing, Topper answers: "I thought I saw Elvis." His officer tells him, "Forget it Topper the King is gone." In the closing credits, an Elvis silhouette of the early seventies is shown.

While viewing Edtv (1999), noted in the background, a television shows a clip of Miami Vice in which Don Johnson referred to his pet alligator and says, "Elvis likes his blanket." This film stars Matthew MeConaughey, Ellen Degeneres, Jenna Elfman and Woody Harrelson.

In Detroit Rock City (1999), the security guard at "Robert F. Kennedy High School" is nicknamed "Elvis" (Miles Dougal) because of his big sideburns and greasy, black, rockabilly hair.  When the film's pot-smoking teenage Kiss fans see him, they warn each other with a cry of "Elvis alert!"

I was watching the movie Born Yesterday (1993) with Melanie Griffith, John Goodman and Don Johnson. There is a scene in which Melanie is at a cocktail party talking to her friends. The conversation is centered around meeting famous people and she refers to how touring famous peoples homes like "Graceland and Elvis helps to learn what makes them tick".

The Big Muddy (1998) shows the films main character sleeping on a pillow decorated with a pattern of Elvis faces; and the many pictures tacked to the wall behind his couch includes the famous photograph of a shirtless Elvis washing his hair.

In 200 Cigarettes (1999), which takes place on New Year's Eve 1981, contains many allusions to Elvis, but it's the wrong one -- the totemic Elvis figure for this film's hip New Yorkers is Elvis Costello.  However, during a bar scene, a painting of a man in an undershirt with the word "Elvis" can be seen on the wall behind a pool table; this seems to be a reference to the original King.

As Uncle Martin (Christopher Lloyd) walks down the street in his silver spacesuit in the recent movie version of My Favorite Martian (1999),  a passerby calls: "Yo, Elvis, nice suit."

Little Voice (1998), the story of a shy, undiscovered singer who lives with her mother (Brenda Blethyn) in working-class England, contains several Elvis references.  For example, Blethyn comments that her new beau, a seedy entrepreneur played by Michael Caine, has "that slight look of Elvis about him."

"The Estate of Elvis Presley" is thanked in the credits of How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1997), however, no Elvis references are apparent in the film.  Could they have been cut from the film?

During a scene set at a catholic retreat in Woody Allen's Celebrity (1998), a participant asks a priest: "Who would you say is more popular, the Pope or Elvis Presley?"  Most of the people sitting on the porch with the priest immediately answer: "Elvis"

In the weird animated feature I Married a Strange Person (1997), clouds of blood spraying from an injured body form various shapes, including an Elvis silhouette.

In Clay Pigeons (1998), I Got Stung plays as Joaquin Phoenix hides a dead body.  Later, It's Now or Never is heard as Vince Vaughn sexually assaults and fatally stabs a woman. Yuck!!!!

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), starring Chevy Chase as Nick Halloway  and Darryl Hannah as his friend Alice. Nick has been turned invisible by accident and he is enjoying dinner with Alice. Nick has covered himself with makeup to make himself more visible. Alice tells him during dinner,  "You see, nobody is staring at you. And whatever they are thinking they sure don't think you're invisible." Nick raises his glass and says "To Elvis"

The movie Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) is a film which stars Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker as a couple who were recently married and take their honeymoon in the city of Las Vegas. It depicts all their trials and tribulations of that trip. There are many Elvis related issues in this film including the skydiving team of "The Flying Elvises". The soundtrack to this film are all Elvis songs, performed by various artists.

The Coneheads (1993) starring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin, is quite a silly comedy I think but makes mention of Elvis as well. Mister Conehead must fight a monster when he returns to his home planet, because of a betrayal to his people. Before the fight, one of the victims proclaims "I know his weaknesses. I think I can take him." Mr. Conehead answers, "Okay, and let me know when Elvis gets here."

Cadillac Man (1990) is also a comedy featuring Elvis. In one particular hostage scene, a police officer asks Robin Williams character over the phone to identify himself. He answers, "I'm Elvis, back from the dead."

Joe's Apartment (1996) - stars Jerry O'Connell as Joe. In this fantasy about talking cockroaches, an Elvis stamp is seen on the wall of a tiny room in a roach porno film.

Dear God (1996), a Garry Marshall film, stars Greg Kinnear as Tom Turner and Laurie Metcalf as Rebecca Frazen. A character explains that the dead letter office is where postal workers send mail addressed to "Superman, Elvis and God."

My Fellow Americans (1996) - An Elvis impersonator in a jumpsuit shows up in a small-town train station bathroom where two ex-presidents (Jack Lemmon and James Garner) are relieving themselves. He mistakes them for presidential impersonators. "Let's rock n' roll!" he tells them. Soundtrack song is Treat Me Nice.

Beavis and Butthead Do America (1996): Elvis is seen running through a casino.

The Pest (1997): An Elvis statuette is shot to pieces by the evil hunter gunning for Pestario "Pest" Vargas ( John Leguizamo).

Meet Wally Sparks (1997) - Rodney Daingerfield says he knew a girl who was so wild, "When she licked the stamp, Elvis started smiling." Later, Daingerfield, who plays a talk-show host, says he doesn't want to host any more "stupid shows with alien lesbian Elvis impersonators."

That Darn Cat (1997) - The cat, named D.C. in the film, is portrayed by a cat named Elvis.

Father's Day - Robin Williams breaks into an Elvis impersonation: "Thank yuh very much." Later, when Billy Crystal lets Williams borrow his car, Williams says: "You're giving me a car, Jack? That's so Elvis of you."

Made-for-cable movie, Heaven Help Us (1985) starring Andrew McCarthy, Kevin Dillon, and Donald Sutherland utilized Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes while running through the closing credits.

In the lame Airplane! - inspired satire, Plump Fiction (1997), the homicidal female in a segment titled "Natural Blond Killers" sports an Elvis tattoo above her left breast.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), set in 1971 and stars Johnny Depp, anachronistically depicts a "Graceland Wedding Chapel" and various jump suited Elvis impersonators.

Two versions of Viva Las Vegas, the title track to the 1964 movie that starred Elvis and Ann-Margret, are heard in The Big Lebowski (1998). One is sung by Shawn Colvin, and the other is credited to "The Big Johnson."

Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (1980) did an impression of Elvis singing Love Me. This movie was the follow-up to the 1978 movie Up in Smoke, their film debut.

The 1982 film, Diner, takes place in a Baltimore diner, which looks at growing up in the 1950's. A recording of Elvis's Don't Be Cruel was played on the film's soundtrack.

Paul McCartney scored a British filmed called The Family Way (1966) starring Hayley Mills and her father, John Mills. In the movie, the Elvis album His Hand in Nine could be seen in Jenny Piper's (Mills) dressing room.

Hollywood or Bust (1956) The last film of the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. In one scene, a billboard advertising Elvis's appearances at the New Frontier Hotel could  be seen in the background.

Let's Make Love (1960) Marilyn Monroe made her second-to-last film appearance in this George Cukor-directed musical comedy. In the film, Monroe, Yves Montand, and Frankie Vaughn sing "Specialization," which mentions Elvis and Colonel Parker in the lyrics.

Mischief (1985) Stars Doug McKeon and Kelly Preston. Don't Be Cruel could be heard on the film's soundtrack. 

Mystery Train (1989) Elvis is everywhere  in this film of three separate but interlocking vignettes. A Japanese couple visit Graceland and Sun Studios, Elvis's ghost is seen, a sleazy hustler tries to sell an Italian widow what he says is Elvis's comb, every room in the Arcade Hotel has a portrait of Elvis, and two Elvis songs are heard: Mystery Train and Blue Moon.

Same Time, Next Year (1978) Alan Alda and Ellen Burnstyn starred in this drama about a once-a-year weekend romance that spanned a period of twenty-six years. Numerous black and white still photos were shown throughout the film to indicate the passing of time. One photo was of Elvis at a concert performance.

She-Devil (1989) Comedienne Rosanne Barr made her big screen debut in this film. Elvis's (You're the) Devil In Disguise was heard over the closing credits.

Space Ship Sappy (1956) Elvis's name was mentioned in this Three Stooges short. The boys took a spaceship to Venus, where they met three vampiristic Amazons who spoke unintelligible gibberish. Moe said, "Dig that rock and roll dialogue!" Larry replied, "They must have heard Elvis Presley!"

Tin Men (1987) Barry Levinson, who five years earlier directed Diner, wrote and directed this Richard Dreyfuss-Danny Devito comedy. Both films were set in Baltimore diners. Elvis's (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame was heard on the film's soundtrack.

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957) Tony Randall remarked in the dialogue that Love Me Tender was going to be remade.

The gang of cross-country partiers looking to retrieve a compromising videotape in the antic gross-out comedy Road Trip (2000) eventually pass through Memphis. Says Josh (Brekin Meyer): "Do not get your hopes up on visiting Graceland, 'cause right now we are all about the mission at hand." For once, the others obey, because there are no further Elvis references.

In the slapstick Ready To Rumble (2000), Oliver Platt -- speaking with an Elvis-like accent -- plays a wrestler called Kimmy King in what seems to be a dual homage to Elvis Presley and Jerry Lawler. Platt is even disparagingly called "Elvis" by Diamond Dallas Page (Page Falkinburg),  just before a fight.

In Dogma (1999), Kevin Smiths' comic book-style satire of organized religion, the stripper-muse Serendipity (Salma Hayek) verbally squelches the evil Azrael (Jason Lee) after he says he didn't take sides in the celestial battle between Lucifer and God because he was an observer -- "an artist, stupid." Says Serendipity: "Elvis was an artist, but that didn't stop him from joining the service in time of war. That's why he is the King and you're a schmuck." The last known descendant of Christ is called upon to save the existence of humanity from being negated by two renegade angels trying to exploit a loophole.

In the film Death Becomes Her starring Bruce Willis, Meryll Streep and Goldie Hawn, there is a meeting where all "living dead" people meet. The leader talks about how they must not be seen in public and that certain individuals seems to have a problem with that. The camera then shows "Elvis" trying to act as if it wouldn't have been him he was talking about.--This one is sent to me from Thomas. Thanks!




Dance With Me ( 1998) Kris Kristofferson, Vanessa Williams, and Chayanne centers on life and turmoil surrounding the life of a young man from Cuba coming to America to meet the father he's never known, who owns a dance studio. There is a scene in which the studio throws a dance costume party. One of the attendees is wearing an Elvis concert costume.

Have you seen the movie Good Will Hunting (1997), with Robin Williams and Matt Damon? I noted in this movie, that there was an Elvis album cover hanging on the wall beside the bar, where "Will" and his buddies were shooting pool. The album cover was of one of my favorite albums, Let's Be Friends.

Practical Magic (1998), with Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, Nicole Kidman, and Dianne Wiest makes a reference to Elvis and his music. Sandra Bullock's character, Sally and her sister Jillian (Nicole Kidman) are driving down the road with Jillian's boyfriend.  Elvis' Always On My Mind is playing on the radio, and the boyfriend starts singing to the melody, the others join in. In a later scene from the movie, the "dead" boyfriend comes back and sings the song to Jillian once again.

In Brokedown Palace (1999), Roy Knox (Lou Diamond Phillips) displays on his computer a screen saver reproducing the famous pose of Elvis and Richard Nixon in the White House.

The movie Instinct (1999), portrays the story of Dr Ethan Powell, played by Anthony Hopkins, who is lost for two years after studying apes and then when he is found kills three people and puts two in the hospital. Cuba Gooding, Jr. portrays the psychologist who takes on the task of getting Dr. Powell to talk. In the opening scene, we notice the psychologist Theo Calder (Cuba Gooding Jr.)  counseling a pope-obsessed psychotic young woman while a class is observing behind a one way window. He refers to a photograph, a  page torn from a magazine and asks: "Could this be a picture of the Pope?"  It's a picture of Elvis, circa 1956. When later asked by his colleague about the photograph, he shows it to him and we see that it is a photo of Elvis.

We've all heard of a fabulous and famous comedy starring Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump (1994). Forrest tells the story of his life, and how he meets a man who amazingly, to us, looks like Elvis. In the scene, we see Forrest meeting this man in a hotel room and the stranger plays "Hound Dog" on his guitar. Forrest starts dancing and proclaims that he taught the stranger to dance the shaky leg dance we all know and love today.

Trainspotting (1996) - stars Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner.  The character of Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller) mentions Elvis as among the stars who were cool but "lost it."

Get On The Bus (1996) is directed by Spike Lee and stars Richard Belzer and Deaundre Bonds. During a stop in Memphis, marginally racist bus driver Richard Belzer decides to abandon a bus filled with black men; Charles S. Dutton responds "You just want to go to Graceland."

Caught (1996) - A son surprises his parents by showing up at home dressed as Elvis in a white jumpsuit, decorated with angel wings. "I'm back from the dead," he announces.

Michael (1996) stars John Travolta as Michael.  An Elvis stamp is displayed on a letter in a tabloid newspaper office.

Inventing The Abbotts (1997) - In this film, set in the early Elvis era, Joaquin Phoenix - using the cover of Elvis' second album as a guide - paints on sideburns and puts his hair up in a pompadour while singing Love Me Tender.

In The Postman (1997), Kevin Costner's disaster epic (in more ways than one), a frontier settlement of the near future is christened "Elvis, Ore."

In the 1965 movie Baby, The Rain Must Fall Steve McQueen plays an ex-con named Henry Thomas, who heads a band called Rockabillies. (Glen Campbell was an unaccredited member of this band.) McQueen remarks to his wife, played by Lee Remick, "Maybe I'll be a big movie star like Elvis Presley."

The Swedish film Elvis! Elvis! (1977) was based on a series of stories by Maria Gripe about a real Swedish boy named Elvis Karlsson. His mother was a very devoted Presley fan who named her son after the "King of Rock 'n' Roll." The story revolved around Elvis Karlsson's struggles at the age of seven to be understood by his parents. Lele Dorazio played Elvis, Lena-Pia Barnharsson played his mother, and Fred Gunnarsson played Elvis's father.

In Heart of Dixie (1989) two Elvis songs were used in the film. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You and Blue Suede Shoes.

One Trick Pony (1980) Elvis was referred to on three different occasions in this Paul Simon Film. Simon scripted the movie and wrote the musical score. The film stars Paul Simon and Blair Brown.

That'll Be The Day (1974) David Essex, Ringo Starr, Billy Fury, and Keith Moon starred in this British production about the early life of a rock & roll star. Elvis's name was mentioned in the dialogue and several photographs of him could be seen. 

In The Innocent (1993) starring Anthony Hopkins and Isabella Rossellini, pictures of Elvis can be seen on the wall of a local bar the main characters go into.

In a wedding scene in Coyote Ugly (2000), John Goodman and actress Piper Perabo, who plays his daughter, dance with each other to the tune of Elvis's Can't Help Falling in Love.

In Jesus' Son (1999), drug rehab patient Bill (Dennis Hopper) is discussing a dream while fellow patient FH (Billy Crudup) gives him a shave. Says FH: "You ever see that Elvis Presley movie Follow That Dream?" Replies Bill: "Follow That Dream, I did see that -- and I was just gonna mention that. You saw that?" FH: "No." Bill: "There was a song 'Follow That Dream' too."

In Human Traffic (1999), a Welsh film about the "rave" scene, a pair of Ecstasy-ingesting party girls exchange comments as they tell a gullible TV reporter why they don't take drugs: "Look at Jimi Hendrix." "And Elvis." "And Sting." "Sting's not dead yet." Well, he ought to be."

In Frequency (2000), fireman Frank Sullivan (Dennis Quaid) owns a Dalmatian puppy named Elvis, which is supposed to be a clue to his generous, everyman persona. Coming home after a hard day of firefighting, he says to his wife Julia (Elizabeth Mitchell), "Hey, how 'bout a bit of the King, huh?" She replies: "Yeah, why not a bit of the King?" They dance to "Suspicious Minds."

In Liberty Heights (1999), a coming-of-age film focusing on a group of Jewish teenagers in the 1950s, Elvis's "Blue Moon" can be heard when the main characters drive up to a ritzy party and again in a scene with the film's WASPy princess.

Intersections, an independent film directed by David Stotts and Yuichi Kurokawa makes several Elvis references. In the movie's final segment, a redheaded passenger (Greg Rodgers) asks  a cab driver (Jack Clawges): "What's your name?" The cabbie replies: "What's yours?" Responds the fare: "Elvis." Scoffs the cabbie: "Yeah, right." Later, however, the cabbie tells the redhead: "You saved me tonight" -- once again offering testimony to the healing power of the King.  Earlier in the film, a different cab driver (W.W. Painter) picks up a hip-looking young Asian woman (Thao Duong) in sunglasses and leopard-trim hat. Says the cabbie: "You came here for Elvis, didn't you? Didn't you come for Elvis and all that -- Graceland, Sun Studios?" Says the girl: "I came to study English." Cabbie: "What, not Elvis?" Girl: "No, not Elvis." At that moment, the cab drives by Sun Studio. 

Not only is Boys Don't Cry  (1999) rife with Elvis references, but Elvis and Graceland function as symbols of personal reinvention and freedom throughout the film. The plot, based on a true story, concerns a misfit teenage girl in small-town Nebraska who passes herself as a boy named Brandon. In fact, with her vaguely Southern accent, androgynous looks and pulpy lips, she's like a parody of Elvis, and reminiscent of the girlish photos of the young Presley taken by William Speer. At one point, Brandon (Hilary Swank, who won the Best Actress Oscar for the role), tells her new lowlife friends she plans to go to "Memphis, Graceland, Tennessee." Responds a thuggish firebug: "Graceland is in Memphis, and Memphis is in Tennessee." Says Brandon, clearly covering up: "I know." Unrebuffed, Brandon continues to speak of the promised land of Elvis. "My dad's out in Memphis right now," Brandon lies. Brandon's girlfriend, Lana (Chloe Sevigny), is frustrated with being stuck in her crummy hometown. When Brandon calls her cranky, she says, "You'd be cranky too, Mr. I'm Going to Memphis Graceland Tennessee." Later, Lana quits her job, saying "I'll go to Memphis with you." Responds Brandon: "It's a lot more complicated than that, y'know. Memphis is far." Says Lana, revealing that her decision is not just a whim: "It's 1, 327 miles." Near tragic end of the film, when Brandon's friends discover "Brandon" isn't a boy, one disillusioned girls says, "There was never any Memphis, was there?" Brandon's final not to Lana --written while Brandon was still filled with hope, before the films' horrific ending -- reads: "You were right. Memphis isn't far at all. I'll be making that trip out on the highway before too long. I'll be waiting for you."

Lifetime Movie Feature - The People Next Door if you pay close attention you will see an Elvis bust which has been turned into a lamp in the living room.

Revelations - Willie's dog is named Elvis.

The Rookie  (2002)- A Texas baseball coach (Dennis Quaid) makes the major league after agreeing to try out if his high school team made the playoffs. During the teams batting practice session, the team challenges the coach at who can hit better. Elvis' song "Run On" is played while each player is taking their turn at batting.




Beautiful Thing (1996): A homosexual boy's room in a lower-class British apartment building features an Elvis postcard decoration.

In the country and western movie, A Thing Called Love (1993), River Phoenix and Sandra Bullock star. There are quite a few references in this one pertaining to Elvis.  Some of these are as follows: a barber tells  someone he used to cut Elvis' hair, a couple named James Wright (Phoenix) and Miranda Presley (Samantha Mathis) are driving to Graceland to find it closed, but decide to eat what Elvis ate. Elvis songs can be heard in the background.

When Val Kilmer discovers he is going blind in At First Sight (1999), he begins looking through magazines to store up visual memories.  One of the magazines is a special issue of Life with Elvis's face on the cover.

I noted a movie called Fools Rush In (1997), had many of Elvis' songs playing throughout the movie. One scene in particular that I can remember, is at a Christmas Party, the song Jailhouse Rock is playing. Also you might note, the title of the movie is also the same name as an Elvis song. The title alludes to the Elvis hit, Can't Help Falling In Love; snippets of Jailhouse Rock and It's Now or Never are played; a marquee at a Las Vegas motel reads, "Elvis Slept Here"; and the bride, Isabel Fuentes, played by Selma Hayek is given away by an Elvis Impersonator. Matthew Perry plays her love interest, Alex Whitman.

I recently saw the movie, Still Breathing (1998), with Brendan Fraser and Joanna Going. In it, there is yet another Elvis reference.  Joanna and Brendan's characters, Fletcher and Roslyn, are talking about rock art. He explains that he begins by gathering "Elvis rocks from back in swamp mojo land."  He then takes them and shakes them in his hand while saying, Elvis style, "Wellll" then forms the rock art in the palm of Roslyn's hand.  In another scene from this same movie, Fletcher is explaining how making  love is like eating the perfect piece of chocolate.  "You find a perfect place, light a candle, put on some music, maybe some Bessie Smith, or I don't know, the soundtrack of Viva Las Vegas and then when everything was perfect you would savor is as if it were the last thing you would eat."

Jerry Maguire (1996) stars Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire.  Elvis can be heard on the soundtrack, and Elvis is mentioned at a bachelor party.

A Life Less Ordinary (1997), a failed farce from director Danny (Trainspotting) Boyle that stars Ewan McGregor and Holly Hunter, makes extensive use of the recording, Always on My Mind.

As she lies in bed below posters of Frank Sinatra and the movie Baby Doll, Frankie ( Ione Skye) hugs her official black leather-suited "Elvis '68 Comeback Special" doll in Dream for an Insomniac (1998).

Rome Adventure (1962) Elvis's name was mentioned by Pamela Austin, who two years later appeared with Elvis in Kissin' Cousins. Costars Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette married shortly after making Rome Adventure.

Hanging Up (2000) stars Meg Ryan, Dyan Keaton, and Lisa Kudrow and focus' on three sisters who are all experiencing ambivalence over the impending death of their father played by Walter Matthau.  One of the scenes shows Eve (Meg Ryan) in the Nixon library  and she is there to observe a new video profile machine about President Nixon. The machine is called "Ask Nixon." The machine features buttons on various aspects pertaining to Nixon. One of the options is listed under Entertainers, reads "Elvis." When she chooses that option a video of Nixon is shown with Nixon defending Elvis' drug addition/defamation. He proclaims that Elvis was only on prescribed medications.

Pleasantville (1998), Bud ( Kevin Conners)  is asking out a girl for a date with him. When she agrees to go out with him, Bud is elated and is running back home, jumping over hedges on his way. As he is running, Elvis' "Teddy Bear" starts playing.



In the movie, Behind Enemy Lines (1996) there is a scene in which soldiers open a truck which has nuclear weapons, using Elvis' birthday as the combination for unlocking it. The film stars Thomas Ian Griffith.

The Deep Blue Sea (1999) depicts a scene in which a scuba diver is seen swimming away from an underwater laboratory. Tom Scoggins (Michael Rapaport) exclaims: "Bingo! Elvis has left the building."

Lethal Weapon (1987) - Starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, final scene of the movie, you can hear the song I'll Be Home For Christmas playing and continues to play as the credits roll.

While we watch the Substitute 3: Winner Takes All (1999), with Treat Williams, Rebecca Staab, and Dave Jensen, we note as the surveillance team watching the football coach leaving the gym, it is reported to the others on the surveillance team that "Elvis has left the building".

The Price of a Broken Heart (TV)(1999)  is a true story of a  woman played by Park Overall discovers her husband is having an affair with his secretary, played by Laura Innes, and promising to marry her. She sues for divorce from  her husband and sues the secretary for alienation of affection. Park is seen sitting in on a discussion group and a fellow female member makes mention, "Who wouldn't want to know that Elvis wouldn't sleep with a women who had kids."

Innerspace (1987), starring Dennis Quaid and Martin Short, is a movie about a man who has another man living inside his body. One particular scene, displays the lead character named Tuck shooting out the TV belonging to Jack. A this moment another man comes in and says, "Oh, you shot your TV, huh? Just like Elvis!"

Speed 2 (1997) stars Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric includes the  Pop reggae band UB40 performing the Elvis hit Can't Help Falling In Love.

Nicolas Cage almost always slips in a nod to Elvis Presley. The action film Face/Off (1997) contained Elvis references, and in Snake Eyes (1998), Cage - at a casino in Atlantic City, not Vegas - proclaims "I am the King!"

Into The Night (1985) This John Landis-directed film featured an Elvis impersonator who drove a white 1959 Cadillac with "The King Lives" on the side. Singer Carl Perkins played a hood in the film, and a copy of the book, Elvis-What Happened?, could be seen. Don Siegel, who directed Elvis in Flaming Star, played a cameo role as did singer David Bowie and a number of Hollywood directors.

Nicholas Cage plays a character named "Memphis" in Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000), yet the actor -- whose roles paid overt homage to the King in Wild at Heart, Con Air, Snake Eyes, and Honeymoon in Vegas -- otherwise makes no mention of Presley. The reference occurs when one of Memphis's allies offers fake fingertips to a fellow car thief. "Your new fingerprints," he says, adding: "Elvis is back."




The popular horror film, The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999), makes a reference to Elvis as well.  In the scene, Emily Bergl is being told of a story by psychologist Amy Irving, of a former student named Carrie who used her telekinetic powers to kill everybody at the senior prom.  Emily replies:  "And Elvis was her date, and they left in a UFO."

There seems to be many references in the movie Boogie Boy, (1997) Joan Jett plays a lead singer in a band called Jerk and the Rocket Brutes, and she gives hero Mark Dacascos, the nickname “Elvis” after he emerges from a crowd at a club to fill in on drums. “Elvis is in the house!” Jett exclaims, adding: “It’s like starring in a (freaking) Elvis movie – the band needs a hand, and you come up and save the day” Later, she tells him: “you play hard, Elvis.” In true Presley fashion he replies: “It’s the only way I know.”

The Frighteners (1996), starring Michael J. Fox and Trini Alvarado, shows a bust of Elvis levitating by an invisible ghost, as the bust's owner exclaims, "He's alive!"

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) stars Samuel L. Jackson and Geena Davis. Starts out with Elvis on the soundtrack singing Santa Claus Is Back In Town.

Con Air (1997): A character says, "If that aircraft's carrying 30 prisoners, than I'm Elvis Presley." Later, when the plane is forced to land on the Vegas strip, Nicolas Cage says: "Well, Viva Las Vegas."

In the movie, Jill The Ripper (2000), starring Dolph Lundgren, one of the murder suspects is referred to as having "Elvis black hair" "Could he be the Polish Elvis?"

In Scream 3 (2000), an actor playing a makeup artist on the set of the movie's fictional film-within-a-film is wearing "Dead Elvis" T-shirt on which the face on the postal Services' famous stamp is replaced with a green, rotten, pompadoured-and-sideburned skull. Later, when the makeup artist is complimented for the realism of a scissors-through-the-head effect, he replies: "Thank yuh, thank yuh veruh much."

In Chill Factor (1999), unlike in, say, Harum Scarum, exposure to "Elvis" literally causes the flesh to melt from one's bones. As New York Times movie reviewer Stephen Holden wrote, "What would action-adventure screenwriters do without Elvis Presley as a reference point? To their credit, the writers of the comically tinged thriller Chill Factor have at least had the wit to dream up a variation or two on the cliché 'Elvis has left the building.' In the movie's opening scene, as a deadly chemical defoliant (code name Elvis) is about to be tested on a remote Pacific island, a technician announces, 'Elvis is approaching the stage.' Later in the film, we have 'Elvis on ice.'"

From the Abyss (1989), "Elvis is in color even when the rest of us are in black and white."

In the Client (1994), One of the characters is angry and he proclaims, "I'm sick and tired of chasing these Elvis sightings, is there any room in your place (he is referring to the bureau)?

In Exclusive (1992), seen on Lifetime TV, Suzanne Sommers plays a TV journalist who has a weight problem. She ends up 'selling her soul to the devil' in an effort to stay thin. However, in one scene she is in conference with her producer, Alan, she is discussing an article on codependency story which she is trying to pursue. The story is supposed to be canned. Marcy, (Suzanne Sommers) asks Alan, "What does that man want?" Alan, "Elvis sightings, UFO's, who knows?" 




The movie Parent Trap (1998), starring Lindsey Lohan and Dennis Quaid, makes a reference to Elvis. One of the twins, Hallie Parker and Annie James (Lohan), is heard saying "Thank you, thank you very much" after a successful prank pulled on the other twins bunk house at camp.

The Parent Trap (1961) Pictures of Elvis adorned the summer-camp of the twins, played by Hayley Mills.

Squeaky-voiced mice sing the Elvis hit Are You Lonesome Tonight during Babe: Pig In the City (1998).

After the title giant ape enters his new zoo exhibit home in Mighty Joe Young (1998), Regina King explains: "Ok, everybody, Elvis is in the building."

Elvis's rendition of Here Comes Santa Claus is heard on the soundtrack of the Jonathan Taylor Thomas teenybopper vehicle, I'll Be Home For Christmas (1998).

Made for TV Movie based on a popular sitcom, Saved By The Bell - Wedding in Las Vegas (1994), makes a couple of Elvis references. One of the scenes, the gang is  being chased by some guys. They are running through the "Movie Star Museum" as they pass a wax statue of Elvis. The other reference pertains to Zack (Mark Paul Gosselaar) and Kelly (Tiffany-Amber Thiessen) stopping in a wedding chapel. Zack's father interrupts the wedding before it happens and tells them he will give them a real wedding. As they leave we note another couple entering who are dressed like Elvis.

George of the Jungle (1997)  is a family movie with Brandon Fraser starring as George. At the film's climax, the ape named Ape, aping Sinatra and Presley sings My Way on a Vegas-style stage.

In the children's movie Madeline played by Hatty Jones, one of the little girls compliments the naughty next-door neighbor, a trouble-making young boy named Pepito (Kristian de la Oso), by declaring, "He's positively Elvis!"




In The General (1998), Martin Cahill, a criminal mastermind played by Brendan Gleeson, is driving through the Irish countryside with a cohort and eating his lunch when he says: "Getting tired of these sandwiches....Banana, peanut butter and jam -- Elvis sandwiches.  He used to like them pan-fried."

A low-life drug dealer played by James Woods in Another Day in Paradise (1998), seems to be imitating Elvis when he says with a drawl, "Did I scare yuh, baby?"

Entrapment (1999), starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones, make note of the opening scene. Sean Connery's character is seen stealing a painting from a museum and replaces it with a velvet portrait of Elvis. This is also submitted by Mary.

In Striptease (1996), starring Demi Moore, her character keeps a picture of Elvis on her apartment wall.

In Croupier (1998), an offbeat and sexually aggressive casino dealer keeps a stylized poster of Elvis's face on her bedroom wall, modified so the King appears to be smoking a cigarette.


Science Fiction


Independence Day (1996) is a film about an alien attack on the Fourth of July weekend. As the aliens are approaching the city of New York, many onlookers are gathered in a tower, looking up at the ship, wanting to be beamed up by the aliens. We hear one of the women say, "God, I hope they bring back Elvis." Later in the movie, after blowing up the alien mother ship, the heroes speed away saying, "Elvis has left the building!" As Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are just barely getting out of the alien mother ship, Will Smith says "Elvis has left the building" and Jeff Goldblum says "Thank ya, thank ya very much!" --this reference was sent to me from Jon Thomas...thanks Jon, I had forgotten about this one!

Trekkies, (1997) a documentary about the Star Trek phenomenon, actor Fred Travalena shows up at a fan convention dressed in a jumpsuit, pretends to be Elvis and says, "I'm a Trekkie, too."  He then sings part of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and , in an Elvis accent, says: "Live long and prosper, uh-huh."

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) , directed  by Steven Spielberg and stars Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore: As the automobile-riding trackers pursue a heard of dinosaurs, Pete Postlethwaite describes a parasaurolophus as "The one with the big red horn - the pompadour- Elvis."

Contact (1997) stars Jodie Foster and David Morse. The thousands of people who gather in New Mexico after learning scientists have made contact with aliens from the star system Vega include an Elvis Impersonator holding a guitar emblazoned with the words, "Viva Las Vega."

When the French agent played by Jean Reno in Godzilla (1998) has to pretend to be American in order to pass an armed guard, he says "Thank yuh veruh much." As he explains to his co-conspirator, Matthew Broderick "Elvis Presley movies. He was the king."

In The Giant Gila Monster (1959), your typical 1950s monster flick, disc jockey Steamboat Smith asked the kids at a dance who the singer of a record was. One of the incorrect guesses was "Elvis."

Red Planet Galligher proclaims "I saw Elvis" upon a near brush with death after completion of a dangerous mission.



Elvis is mentioned in the dialogue of The Buddy Holly Story (1978). Gary Busey plays Buddy Holly.

The Real Buddy Holly Story (1986) Paul McCartney hosted this BBC-produced documentary on Buddy Holly. Included in the film was color footage o f Elvis performing in Lubbock, Texas--possibly on June 3, 1955. The videocassette box claims that this is the earliest-known footage of Elvis.

There is another reference noted in the movie recently seen on the True Stories channel, Going For The Gold: The Bill Johnson Story (TV) (1985) with Anthony Edwards playing in the lead role. After making the Olympic team, Johnson tours to Europe. While there he is seen partying with his friends in a local Gast Haus where it is announced that "Elvis is here to sing Blue Christmas -- a German Elvis Impersonator  comes out to do the song. I also noted Elvis' picture hanging on the wall behind the bandstand.

Great Balls of Fire (1989) is the biography of Jerry Lee Lewis starring Dennis Quaid. The movie used Elvis's Teddy Bear on the soundtrack. Michael St. Gerard had a very brief role as Elvis at Sun Records.

The Idolmaker (1980) Elvis was mentioned in this fictionalized biography of rock producer Bob Marcucci. Marcucci guided the careers of many rock & roll stars in the 1950s, including Fabian and Frankie Avalon.

Liberace: Behind The Music (1988) This TV-movie which aired on CBS on October 9, 1988, starred Victor Garber as Liberace. Paul Hipp had a brief role as Elvis.

Living Legend (1980) Producer Earl Owensby played the lead role of Eli Canfield in this loose biography of Elvis Presley. Elvis's last girlfriend, Ginger Alden, played Jeannie Loring, Canfield's female companion. Roy Orbison provided the musical soundtrack for Owensby's lip-syncing.

Melvin and Howard (1980) Based on the story of Melvin Dummar, who produced a will after Howard Hughes's death naming Dummar the recipient of Hughes's wealth. Melvin and Howard won Oscars for Best Supporting Actress (Mary Steenburgen) and Best Screenplay (Bo Goldman). In the film, Diummar mentioned Love Me Tender and Don't Be Cruel.

Sing, Boy, Sing (1956) Tommy Sands reprised the role he first played in "The Singing Idol," a "Kraft Television Theatre" presentation. The movie, like the teleplay, was loosely based on Elvis. The producers wanted Elvis to sing two songs in the film, but Colonel Parker vetoed the idea.

Touched By Love (1980) Based on Lena Canada's book, To Elvis, With Love, which was the working title of the film. Lena Canada was a nurse who befriended a cerebral palsy victim named Karen. To get Karen to come out of her shell, Canada encouraged her to write a letter to her idol, Elvis Presley. Karen and Elvis were pen pals until her death at the age of ten in 1963. Debra Raffin portrayed Lena Canada and Karen was portrayed by Diane Lane. Other cast members included Michael Learned in her feature film debut (as Dr. Bell), John Amos (as Tony), Christina Raines (as Amy), Mary Wickes (as Margaret), Clu Gulager (as Don Fielder), and Twyla Volkins (as Monica). Deborah Raffin received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Clips from "The Ed Sullivan Show" of Elvis singing Love Me Tender and Ready Teddy were used in the film. Alan, as Elvis impersonator, sang Don't Be Cruel, Teddy Bear, Love Me Tender, Hound Dog, and I Was The One.

Beach Boys-An American Family (2000) the biography of the beach music group, has a reference to Elvis. Al Jardine, played by Ned Vaughn, gets excited during a live performance when the girls go wild and start climbing on the stage after the finish their show. He exclaims, "This must have been what is was like when Elvis started!"

The Filth and The Fury (2000), the documentary about the rise and fall of the punk rock group Sex Pistols, includes some sunny footage identified as "Hyde Park 17th Aug. 1977." As the camera pans over bikini-topped sunbathers and a swastika-shirted Sid Vicious, the soundtrack offers snippets from British news broadcasts from that day. Says one announcer: "Elvis Presley, at one time known to millions as the king of rock and roll, has died suddenly at the age of 42." Adds another: "The kind of rock and roll died yesterday. He was found face down on the bathroom floor. There have been numerous reports that Presley was a heavy drug user." During one of these reports, the film cuts to Vicious, who hawks up a gob of spit.

In Beyond the Mat (1999) an Elvis impersonator wrestles Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

Memphis references occur throughout Man on the Moon (1999), director Milos Forman's biopic of avant-garde comedian, woman-wrestler and Elvis imitator Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey). In an early scene at a comedy nightclub, Kaufman introduces the "awkward foreigner" act that would later metamorphose into Latka on Taxi. "And now I would like to do for you the Elvis Presley," says this weird character, who walks over to  a turntable, puts on Also Sprach Zarathustra, turns his back on the audience, strips off his clothes to reveal a sort of jumpsuit, slicks back his hair and turns around to face the crowd, utterly transformed from shy nerd to confident King. With curled lip, he belts out a rousing and faithful Blue Suede Shoes. Later, Kaufman's manager (Danny Devito) advised the now-famous comic to stick to his sure-fire material when he works the college circuit: "you wanna play Arizona state? You give 'em Mighty Mouse. You give 'em Elvis."

Inside The Osmonds (2001) made-for-TV documentary about the famous 70's group mentions Elvis in their film. While the family is critiquing the sign-off for the new "Donny and Marie Show" Olive (Veronica Cartwright), the family matriarch, offers her opinion by saying, "I told you Elvis loved the sign-off, in fact he loved the whole show." Merrill (Ryan Kirkpatrick) says, "But Elvis is our friend, he loves everything we do."




The 1978 classic movie, Grease, starring Olivia Newton John, John Travolta and Stockard Channing has a reference to Elvis too. While Stockard Channing is singing "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" Elvis was mentioned ("Elvis, Elvis! keep that pelvis far from me") and his photo was seen. In the same film, the group Sha Na Na (as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers) sing "Hound Dog."

Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) alludes to the King - along with Memphis Slim and "Sonny Boy Williamson I and II" - while reciting a lengthy litany of his musical idols in Blues Brothers 2000 (1998).

The Spice Girls also got a chance to imitate Elvis in Spice World (1997). In the song that plays during the film's closing credits, the British pop tarts sing "Elvis was a cool shaker" (at least, that's what it sounds like); and at the song's conclusion, one of the girls mimics "Thank yuh veruh much." In addition, a Spice Girl dresses in an Elvis jumpsuit during a photo-session montage sequence.

The lead character in

Heartbreak Hotel (1988) features Chris Columbus (Gremlins) wrote and directed this fictional account of a boy and his friends who kidnap Elvis in 1972 Taylor, Ohio. Tuesday Weld, who costarred with Elvis in Wild In The Country (1961) played the boy's mother, a longtime Elvis fan whose taste in men hasn't been very good as of late. (Her last boyfriend beat her up.) A scene from Loving You (1957) was shown at a drive-in movie. Twelve songs were used on the soundtrack: An American Trilogy, Love Me, Mystery Train, One Night, (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame, Baby, Let's Play House, Ready Teddy, Burning Love, Good Rockin' Tonight, If I Can Dream, Power of My Love, and Heartbreak Hotel. David Keith as Elvis sang That's All Right (Mama), Can't Help Falling In Love, How Great Thou Art, Love Me, and Heartbreak Hotel.

Li'l Abner (1959) This musical film was based on the successful Broadway play version of Al Capp's comic strip. One of the characters referred to a girl by saying, "She could make Elvis Presley stand still."

Rock, Rock, Rock (1956) Tuesday Weld made her film debut in this early rock & roll extravaganza. She mentioned Elvis in the dialogue.