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I've found many references to Elvis through the media. On these next few pages I've listed what I have found and what others have written about. If you have any that you have noticed while watching TV or viewing videos, on the radio, etc. please let me know, I'd love to include them here.

On Television



 I was watching an old episode of Perfect Strangers (1986-1993) titled "The King and I" one afternoon and noted that they were doing a show in which the characters had a hypnotist performing hypnotism on the characters during a party. In the show, Balki (Bronson Pinchot) gets hypnotized into believing he is Elvis anytime the telephone rings. The show is spent with Balki and "Cousin Larry" (Mark Linn-Baker) trying to figure out how to break the spell.

Saved By The Bell (1989-1993) shows a scene in the diner where all the kids hang out, one of the boys is wearing a T-shirt with Elvis' picture on it.

The TV show Soul Man (1997-1998) makes reference to Elvis in the opening scene of the show, title unknown, where Rev. Mike Weber (Dan Ackroyd) is speaking to his daughter, Meredith (played by Courtney Chase) and telling her, "This is Elvis Snack day, will it be a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich?"

Ally McBeal's ( 1997-present) birthday show, there is a scene in which Ally's (Calista Flockhart) friends René (Lisa Nicole Carson) and Greg do a duet for her on stage. He starts out the duet by singing "Love Me" and she later joins in to sing "Don't".

Saturday, March 20th, Show Me The Funny (1998), aired a skit in which a gentleman does a skit while impersonating Elvis.

There is a sitcom that is shown on the Fox network called Martin (1992-97). I love this show! It has made two references to Elvis that I have noticed lately. One episode, Pam (Tichina Arnold), Martin's girlfriend (Tisha Campbell) Gina's best friend, has planned a Promotion party. While getting ready for her party, she gets a visit from her twin cousin, who has escaped from the insane asylum.  Pam eventually gets mistaken for the cousin and is taken into the asylum. Later in the episode, Pam's cousin, Terry, calls back in to the asylum and reports that she can't take it on the outside, "everyone keeps telling me Elvis is dead!"  Another episode with an Elvis reference, is the episode in which Martin is robbed. When Martin is dissatisfied with the policeman who comes to take the report, he asks "Aren't you going to help me get my stuff back?" The policeman responds, "Forget it, it's with Elvis!"

I enjoy watching past episodes of Growing Pains (1985-92) and I noticed an episode in which the youngest son, Ben (Jeremy Miller), wants to get into the world book of records. One particular scene has Ben up on a bench; wearing a white costume and sunglasses, hold a broom in his hands while singing Hound Dog. Ben's dad becomes annoyed by him and says: "Elvis would be proud. Now cut it out." Ben keeps singing and his dad further tells him "The King is dead." When Ben finally stops singing, his sister asks, "How do you feel?" Ben says "I'm all shook up," and he starts singing again.

Boy Meets World (1993) is into the act as well. One episode we are at a party. One of the guests is a French girl. Shawn (Rider Strong) urges Corey (Ben Savage), who has just broken up with his girlfriend, Topanga (Danielle Fishel), to go and talk to the French girl. After doubting himself, Corey says "Well, there's nothing to lose, or as the French would say Viva Las Vegas." Shawn answers, "Elvis was French?"

The Naked Truth starring Tea Leoni has mention of Elvis in one of their episodes. This episode seems to reveal quite a few mentions of Elvis. The story is about Elvis' sperm which has been found and frozen. Nora's  (Tea Leoni) boss finds out about the sperm and wants Nora to impregnate herself with the sperm. Her boss proclaims at one point, "We're loaded! These Tennessee baby's are all wearing blue suede shoes." Nora asks, "So it's actually Elvis' stuff?" Her boss then replies, "Yeah, some of them were actually swiveling their little hips." Nora doubts whether or not she should use the sperm and then has a dream about the child and what it would be like when it was born. In the dream, a baby is shown, looking like Elvis, talking like Elvis, and eating like Elvis.  

There is mention of Elvis in an episode of Cheers (1982-93). Woody's (Woody Harrelson) girlfriend Kelly, played by Jackie Swanson, gets a job at the bar. As we all know, she hasn't got all of her marbles in the same pot. Kelly gets fired and Carla, played by Rhea Pearlman, is upset because she had been receiving all Kelly's tip money. Carla says, "She is a real goldmine for this bar. Thanks to her I been able to go on vacation for the first time in three years. That's when I went to Graceland for two weeks, it was great. This year I'm taking three weeks." Sam, played by Ted Danson,  asks Carla, "Where are you going this year?" She tells him, "To Graceland!"

In a Christmas episode of Home Improvement (1991-99), starring Tim Allen, he has his sons, played by Zachary Ty Bryan, Jonathon Taylor Thomas and Taran Nolan Smith, dress up as elves for a family photo. One son complains about it and says, "Dad, we don't want to be elves!" This his brother says, "Yeah, we thought that you said we could all be Elvises!" 

Another episode of Home Improvement (1991-99), Tim's wife Jill, played by Patricia Richardson, has just lost her father. She is having a hard time dealing with the loss. She is talking with her Mom about her feelings and dealing with the loss, when she notices a photo of her family. She asks, "On what day was this photo taken?" (her dad was an Army Colonel) Her mother tells her, "That was in Fort Hood. You know, that's the same base Elvis was stationed on." Jill asks: "Did dad know Elvis?" Her mother answers, "He was his commanding officer! Who do you think Hound Dog was written about?"

Full House (1987-95) is one of my favorite old sitcoms. We all know that Jesse (John Stamos) is a big fan of Elvis in the show and in real life. In the show Jesse has pictures of Elvis on his bedroom walls and he often is known to sing some of Elvis' songs. Jesse's brother-in-law and his wife are hosts of a early morning talk show called "Wake Up San Francisco" In this one particular episode, "Wake Up San Francisco" is hosting a Favorite Twins contest. Jesse and Becky, played by Lori Laughlin, have twin boys named Niky and Alex, played by Dylan and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit.  Jesse decides to enter his kids into the competition. They make their intro as  little Elvises, while the theme "2001: A Space Odyssey" plays in the background. They win the contest. Joey, another of Jesse's roommates played by Dave Coulier, tells Becky, "Wow, you must be really proud!" Becky answers, "Oh yeah, two little Elvis impersonators, that's what every mother wants!"

Full House (1987-95)-"Mad Money" episode Jesse (John Stamos) moonlights as an Elvis Presley look-alike to earn money for a demo record.

Full House (1987-95)- Jesse (John Stamos) and Rebecca (Lori Laughlin) are discussing marriage places and dates. Rebecca says, "let's get married on the most romantic day of the year." Jesse replies, "Right, Elvis' birthday!"

Yet another Elvis reference on Full House (1987-95). This time in the "Tanner Island" episode, which takes place in Hawaii. As we all know, Elvis made several movies in Hawaii, and Jesse is a huge Elvis fan, in the show. Jesse visits many Elvis related sites in this episode. Jesse finds the river Elvis and his bride floated down in Blue Hawaii. Jesse runs up to the tree next to the river and says, "Is it? Yes it is! This is the exact tree Elvis passed by in the fabulous production by Paramount pictures Blue Hawaii wedding scene." He turns to his family and says as they look on in dismay, "This is a historical moment. Take a picture." He then poses in several Elvis signature poses. Later in this episode, Becky and Jesse get into a fight about Elvis' sideburns. Becky said, "Elvis made the same movie 33 times, the only thing that changed was those stupid sideburns!" Jessie says, "you're just jealous because Elvis had better hair than you!" Later, still, the whole family is capsized on an island and by this time, they are at each others throats. One of the family members states that they should start acting like a tribe and Becky says, "What's it going to be a tribe of, Elvis impersonators?" At the end of the episode, the family are attending a luau. Becky has asked the band to let Jesse sit in on one song, unbeknownst to Jesse. The band starts playing and Becky turns to Jesse, and says, "This is for you and for Elvis. Rock A Hula your heart out, Baby!" Jesse begins to sing Rock A Hula with the family joining him on stage and dancing.

Full House (1987-95)- Aha! Here comes Jesse again with an Elvis reference. This time Jesse and his band get hired to play in a bar. Unbeknownst to them when they agree to perform, they are expected to perform polka music.  After realizing that they must play polka music, Jesse proclaims: "All right, I'm sure I'm about to say something Elvis never did," then in his famous Elvis voice,  he says, "Let's polka, baby!" 

Full House (1987-1995) Jesse is back at it again. This time he performs as Elvis complete with the white eagle jumpsuit and sideburns. He is performing in a stage performance with friends and family watching the show. After Jesse's performance and everyone returns home, the two younger Tanners do their own Elvis impression with singing and dancing. Dad soon tells them to go to bed. He tells them, "All Jr. Elvi go to bed." The girls upon leaving the room, "Elvis has left the living room."

Full House (1987-1995) Joey (David Coulier) does an opening act for Wayne Newton in Las Vegas. While roaming the showroom lobby, Danny (Bob Saget) and Jesse (John Stamos) note a bronze statue of Elvis Presley. When Jesse's back is turned he hears Elvis' voice coming from the area of the statue. He asks Danny "Did you hear that?" Danny, "Of course, I did, I said it." "Thank ya very much." In his own Elvis voice, waving his fingers Elvis style, Jesse says, "Don't Be Cruel." and walks away.

The Jeff Foxworthy Show (1995-1997) wasn't a very well known comedy and it didn't run very long. In one episode, Jeff and his wife are talking to Jeff's father  about whether or not they should spank their children. His father says, "Well we did! Remember the time you left my tools out in the rain? After a good spanking, you never did it again!" Jeff says, " Yeah, and you also did when I called Elvis fat. I never did that again either."

Married with Children (1987-1997) does a remake of the classic Charles Dickens tale, "A Christmas Carol." Al's (Ed O'Neil) angel is trying to show Al what it would have been like without Al. At one point the angel tells him "Ok, let me get my guitar, and then me, you and Elvis can celebrate the new year."

Fresh Prince of Belair (1990-1996) stars Will Smith who is living with his aunt Vivian and uncle Phillip in Beverly Hills. Will and his cousin Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) went to Las Vegas to celebrate Carlton's 21st birthday.  Upon arriving in Las Vegas Elvis' song Viva Las Vegas is playing and Will remarks, "I can't believe I'm in the same city as Girls, Girls, Girls!"

Another short lived sitcom called Unhappily Ever After(1995-1999), is similar to Married with Children, divorce style. When Tiffany (Nikki Cox) dates a TV Star, reporters come to her house to ask her a lot of questions. One of them asks her, "Have you ever seen an alien who looked like Elvis?" Jenny (her mother) replies, "No questions from the Globe."

The sitcom Smart Guy (1997-1999) stars Tahj Mowry as T.J. Henderson, 10-year-old genius attending high school. One of the episodes I noticed mention of Elvis. In this episode, T.J. is asked to be a regular debater on a show called Cross Talk. He later befriends the character whom he thinks he is just filling in for, and later finds out that he will be replacing him permanently. T.J. tries to terminate his slot the station manager tells him, "If you quit, our lawyers will be on you like Elvis on a pound of bacon."

Another episode of Smart Guy (1997-1999) Yvette (played by Essence Atkins) is waiting for her date to show up. Obviously, he is not particularly dependable. Dad (played by John Marshall Jones) asks her, “You going out on a date with Tyler tonight?” Yvette says, “Yeah, and he is due here any minute.” Dad,  “Yeah and so’s Elvis.” Tyler knocks on the door a moment later, and Dad turns to him and says, “Elvis!” in a surprised voice.

Grace Under Fire (1993-1998) refers to Elvis in their episode about Jimmy and his wife wanting to adopt. Character Jimmy is talking to Russell and tells him, "Elvis didn't go looking for women, women came looking for him." Later Jimmy leaves the room and Russell says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building."

Another Grace Under Fire (1993-1998) show makes many references throughout the show. It is the episode in which Grace (Brett Butler) goes to Memphis to attend her sisters wedding.  Russell (Dave Thomas) is talking to Grace about going to Memphis, "I'd love to go to Memphis and see Graceland before Elvis dies." Grace and his wife both give him an "I don't believe you just said that," glance. Later in the episode, after arriving in Memphis, Grace is approached by a gentleman in a diner, whom gives the appearance of being Elvis. Grace visits Graceland, "Hound Dog" plays while several shots of Elvis are used and as Grace and Russell are leaving Graceland, Russell says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Grace Kelly has left the building." Grace replies, "Thank ya, thank ya very much." 

Whose Line Is It Anyway?(1998) is a show where comics are called upon to perform impromptu skits and such. Wayne Brady and Brad Sherwood are performing a song parody, and do it in the Elvis-like rockabilly singing style.

Brotherly Love (1995-97) features an episode where Joey, played by Joey Lawrence, is wanting to buy a motorcycle and sell his share of the family auto repair business. The youngest character, Andy, often pretends to be other people, or characters. This episode Joey asks Andy, "Who are you pretending to be?" Andy says, "Me, I'm Elvis, King of Rock n' Roll." Joey, "Whose Elvis?" Andy, "He used to say, 'Thank ya, thank ya, very much'." Joey tries to imitate it and Andy tells him, "You've got to give it more "unh"- repeating it. Later, while imitating a 'cool brother' coming down the stairs, Andy is on the couch watching TV. Joey asks him, "Whatcha watchin'?" Andy says, "Viva Las Vegas, baby" in his Elvis voice. At the end of the episode, Matt, the middle boy, is participating in a talent show. He uses Andy as a puppet. Andy is dressed in a jumpsuit. The episode ends with us hearing the song Blue Suede Shoes.

Are You Being Served? (1972-1985)- Mr. Harman (Arthur English) is showing Mrs. Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) a box of ladies underwear which has a variety of catch phrases on them. One such item reads "I love Elvis."

The primetime sitcom Norm (1999-present), starring Norm MacDonald, also makes note of Elvis during one recent episode of his show. Norm sings the chorus from Hound Dog. This episode aired 11/24/00.

Nicki (1998) which aired on 2/25/01 the husband wrestles Elvis.

Family Matters (1989-1998) - Steve Erkel (Jaleel White) is seen dressed in a white Eagle jumpsuit while he performs his rendition of Heartbreak Hotel.

Sledge Hammer (1986-88) is another short lived Police drama. One particular show focused on Elvis Impersonators. In this show, there is an impersonator contest and one of the challengers  who is a Chinese Elvis fan is killing all the other competitors believing that he is the best impersonator.

I'm watching Happy Days and the episode title is "Jailhouse Rock". So, I knew it had to be Elvis-related. Sure enough, Elvis was singing "Hound Dog" in Arnold's, the teen hangout. Of course, that's an ETA singing on the Jukebox at Arnold's. His name is Pete Wilcox. I happen to know this because I know  Pete Wilcox, and he told me the story awhile back of Elvis & Charlie Hodge watching Happy Days and Elvis would say to Charlie, jokingly, "Did we get paid for that?", when he'd hear himself, or what he thought was himself, singing on show's like that. The guys and Fonzie are going to see the "Elvis Train" as it passes through town. This is supposed to be when Elvis comes home from the Army. Turns out Fonzie said Elvis wasn't even on the train, even though they said it was gonna be the Elvis Train. Just thought I'd mention this. Thanks to my friend Becca, for this submission

Becca, Yes I remember that episode maybe they will  show it again at 8:30 pm
tonight on TV - Land.   Remember on another episode when Leather Tuskadero
sang Heartbreak Hotel ???  

Becca, I remember another  episode of Happy Day's when they asked Fonzie
to sing & he had on a white fringed jumpsuit. He  was  trying to  sing  the song
Heatbreak Hotel .  Fonzie couldn't sing worth a darn. LOL
, Beth



An episode of ER (1994-present) aired on September 17, 1998 also made reference to Elvis when the team treats 2 flying "Elvi" who had fallen out of a plane and into a lake. 1 of the "Elvi" is wearing a white jumpsuit and the other wears a black jumpsuit. I also heard one of them singing Heartbreak Hotel.

An episode of ER (1994-present) it is noted during one of the emergency room scenes, a man who comes in for an injury is wearing an Elvis jumpsuit and he keeps worrying about his guitar rather than his injuries. We can hear him saying, "I need a new guitar, whose gonna pay for this guitar?"

Yet another ER (1994-present) reference, aired 11/23/00, I noted while Dr. Green (Anthony Edwards) is walking through the emergency room talking with Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle). In the background sitting in one of the chairs is a lady singing "It's Now or Never". A nurse comments to the Dr's when they make note of her, "She is singing Elvis' greatest hits."

ER - aired 11/14/02 - Abby (Maura Tierney) and her brother are talking about his medical condition of Bipolar Disorder. He is attempting to change the subject when she confronts him about his unauthorized absence from the military base. He tells her, "We should do something crazy. We could go to Vegas, do a little gambling. You guys (talking about Abbey and Carter {Noah Wyle}) could hit an Elvis wedding chapel...."Thank ya very much."

Melrose Place (1992-99)is a night time soap opera that is no longer on the air. An old episode of this show, Jake, played by Grant Show, is playing an Elvis CD. He tells Jo, played by Daphne Zuniga, that he is a big Elvis fan. She proclaims, "Really? Me too!"

An episode of Renegade (1992-97), a man proclaims he is Elvis. Nobody believes him, though, and it is Renegades job to investigate him.

Pacific Blue (1996-???) is a short lived Drama much like Baywatch, featuring cops monitoring the beaches on mountain bikes. In one of the episodes, a cop gets shot in the hind end by a criminal. Another of his fellow colleagues gives him an inflatable cushion for his bike, to help with his sitting. Late in the show another cop called this cushion, the "Elvis Pillow" 

Here's another of those late night soap operas, Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000). One of their episodes features Kelly (Jennie Garth) asking a fellow student if he knows where Ray (Jamie Walters) is. The student tells him, "Oh, you mean Elvis over there?" Another episode features Donna organizing a séance for a customer of hers. As she leaves, Steve (Ian Ziering) tells her, "Say hello to Elvis..."

Cops-an episode aired on May 18, had the police talking to a man who claimed he knows Elvis Presley.

Famous Jett Jackson (1998), is a show in which a teen is a television star, who films his productions in his hometown, so as to maintain a normal lifestyle. On one particular episode, a friend of Jett's (Lee Thompson Young) is acting as if he is reading a newspaper in a park as a disguise. There's a gentleman sitting across the path from them who appears to look like the older Elvis. They pull out a picture of young Elvis from behind the newspaper and draw white hair and sideburns on it in order to compare it to the man on the park bench. They run into him again, when he pulls up beside them in a pink Cadillac at a gas station. The man tells the attendant to put the spare tire in the trunk of his car, and upon opening the trunk, it is noted several items including a hound dog with a house and a sign on the house reads "Memphis."

The recent CBS hit show Big Brother (2000) aired and episode in which the house guests were given a list of names called "Dead or Alive." The list was part of a challenge for the house guests to decide if each person of the list was dead or alive. Elvis Presley was one of the names mentioned on the list. They guessed correctly by the way! The challenge, if met, would award the house guests 50% of their grocery money for the week. They failed the challenge by missing too many names.

Law and Order - Special Victims Unit (1999-present) On the episode that aired 1/5/01, Two detectives, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitary) and Elliot Slabler (Christopher Meloni) are investigating the murder of an eight year old boy found in an open grave, near a park. While they are questioning a suspect in his home, the suspect is looking through his stamp collection. After leaving his home, Olivia and Elliot are talking about the suspect and his collection. Elliot says "My dad used to collect stamps. These days everything is on stamps. Planes, trains...." and Olivia finishes his sentence with "Elvis."

Judging Amy (1999-present) aired a show in which several couples are presenting to the courts for adopting children. Amy (Amy Brenneman) sits on one such case in which an afro American father and Asian mother  are wanting to adopt an Asian girl. This couple have two other children present with them in the courtroom as well, one is Afro-American and the other Caucasian. Before Amy grants the order for adoption, she attempts to commend them for their courage and patience for their efforts of raising young children. On this particular day, the heat has gone out in the courtroom, therefore, everyone is already on edge. While she attempts to make her speech, she is cut short by the mom who says: "Can we skip the formalities. We've already been through this twice before. We know the procedure." So Amy just signs the order and wishes them luck. Upon leaving the courtroom, Amy offers the family a teddy bear for their daughter, but Mom refuses the offer stating they already have enough. After they leave, Amy turns to her bailiff and says "Well, I'm just all shook up!"

Crossing Jordan - aired 9/23/02 - Jordan (Jill Hennessey) is searching for a suspect in a discotech with her boss, Garrett Macy (Miguel Ferrer). As they are looking around this disco, Elvis' "A Little Less conversation" can be heard.

Crossing Jordan - aired 12/16/02 - Elvis' "Blue Christmas" plays in the background during one of the office scenes.


Sci-Fi Shows


In the old science-fiction series, Quantum Leap (1989), now aired on the SCI-FI channel, I watched an entire show dedicated to Elvis. Sam (Scott Bakula) plays Elvis who is trying to fulfill the task of getting a young female friend into the music business but without changing history. It includes a scene in which Sam alias Elvis makes his first recording at the Memphis Recording Studios.

Ever seen the Sci-Fi show Sliders (1995)? They have mention of Elvis here as well. The star character Quinn (Jerry O'Connell) is boosted into another parallel dimension. While driving his car in this dimension, he comes up on a billboard that reads, "Elvis, LIVE in the Mirage." The picture on the billboard portrays an old and gray haired Elvis.

Another well known Science Fiction show, Twilight Zone (1985), makes mention of Elvis. This show has Elvis meeting his twin brother Jesse Garon. Elvis can't believe it, but the man keeps "pushing."

Another episode of the Twilight Zone, gears back towards Elvis once again. In the episode aired on TNT May 22, 2001, and entitled The One and Future King, an Elvis impersonator is sent back in time, to 1954 to meet the real singer, Elvis Presley.


Soap Operas


Elvis has hit the daytime Dramas! On March 25th's All My Children (1970 - Present) episode, Palmer (James Mitchell) and Opal (Jill Larson) are discussing their divorce and who is going to get what property. Palmer tells Opal, "Don't worry Opal, I'm not going to touch your velvet Elvis collection" in response to Opals claim that he is trying to take all the valuables from the home. Opal's response to him is "Oh, I don't have a velvet Elvis collection!"

All My Children, (1970 - Present) episode which aired on May 26, 2000, Stuart (David Canary) has amnesia. Tad (Michael E. Knight) is looking for him. Tad is in a coffee shop and learns that there is going to be a wedding, and Elvis is going to attend. Tad tells him, "If Elvis is going to show, you couldn't get me outta here." The wedding, we know, is of Stuart and Esther (Ann McDonough), however, Tad is unaware of whom the wedding is for. Later this week, Tad dresses as Elvis.

All My Children (1970 - Present) episode which aired 12/6/00. David (Vincent Irizarry) and Jake (J. Eddie Peck) are discussing irregularities between symptoms and lab results of a group of people who were treated for food poisoning when they had actually been given a dose of Libidozone. Jake asks David "How do you explain that?" David replies "Same way you explain people who all proclaimed to see Elvis in their refrigerator."

All My Children (1970-Present) episode which aired 5/21/02 - Ryan (Cameron Mathison) asks Kendall (Alicia Minshew) where she would like to go on her motorcycle road trip. She says "I don't know, Grand Canyon, Graceland..."

December 7, 1999 episode of Days Of Our Lives (1965 - Present), Shawn Douglas (Frank Parker) has made a bet with his grandmother, Alice Horton (Frances Reid) while playing poker. He loses the bet to her and his payoff is to sing for her. He chooses the song Jailhouse Rock.

Days of Our Lives (1965 - Present), aired May 16, 2000, Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) are busy planting a tree in the backyard of their daughter's new home. They are soon confronted by the police. While trying to explain to the officer what they are doing, Doug explains that they are celebrating their 35th anniversary. Julie gets upset with him after the police officer leaves and proclaims, "35th anniversary! When do you think we got married, when Elvis was drafted?"

I had forgotten about this one, because it was quite awhile ago. I was reminded of the time that Days of Our Lives (1965 - Present), utilized Elvis for an entire story line. One of the characters, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) became pregnant by her boyfriend, John Black (Drake Hogestyn), who loved another woman but stayed with Kristen because of the pregnancy. She lost the baby but didn't tell anyone. Kristen's adoptive father, Stephano (Joseph Mascolo) came to the rescue by finding a pregnant woman named Susan (also played by Eileen Davidson with buck teeth and dark hair) to help save Kristen's relationship. She was supposed to give the baby to Kristen when it was born so Kristen didn't lose John. Kristen was found out by everyone, that she lost the baby. And Susan wasn't Kristen. Where Elvis comes into the story, though is this. Susan is a bit unbalanced and insists that Elvis is the baby's father. She has fantasies about him as well. (Drake even gets into the act at one point by dressing as Elvis. This is after Susan thinks she's in love with John.) Graceland had to give the ok for this story line and even had to approve of the impersonators used for the show. Scot Bruce was used as the young Elvis while Pete Wilcox was used as the older Elvis.

The Bold and The Beautiful (1987 - Present) - Deacon (Sean Kanan) sings Don't Be Cruel to Amber (Adrienne Frantz) while dressed in Black leather. After the song, he tells her in his best Elvis voice, "I like you Amber, always have, always will."


Talk Shows


October 5, 1999 airing of the Maury Povich (1991 - Present) show, segment entitled "Lost Love Reunions", a gentleman named Mike is serenading his love, Kelly, with the notable Elvis number, Can't Help Falling In Love.

David Letterman (1993 - Present) mentions Elvis in his opening jokes. He is talking about how high the gas prices have gotten and how outrageous it is. "For the first time in her life, my mom is going to actually have to hitchhike to Graceland."

On a June 1992 episode of The Arsenio Hall Show (1989), Bill Clinton is a guest and he performs on his saxophone. The song is Heartbreak Hotel.

The Rosie O’Donnell Show (1996 - Present) features Nsync all hour on 11-7-00.  One of the features of the show, is a game played by Rosie and the boys called “Nsynctionary,” which is played much like the game “Pictionary.” One of the categories they use is Songs by Elvis. The gang correctly guessed the songs Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog.

On The Rosie O' Donnell Show (1996 - Present) Rosie mentions that she is in love with Ricky Martin like her mom was in love with Elvis.

Live with Regis (1989- Present) airing 10/17/00 with guest Casper Van Dien talks about his marriage which took place on 5/8/99. He reports that he got married in Las Vegas at one of the Elvis Chapels. "Elvis comes down the aisle singing and stuff. It was the fat Elvis." Regis: "Oh it was a fat guy dressed as Elvis?" Casper: "No it was Elvis, at least I think it was Elvis."

Live with Regis (1989- Present) aired 11/9/00 featured a special guest star who is an 9-year-old singer who is from Tupelo, MS. Her name is Amanda Robinson. Regis is talking to her about her hometown and asking her if she has ever been to Elvis' house, which she states she has not. Regis also makes note to her that he does an Elvis impersonation (which she doesn't seem to be too impressed about) and Regis asks her if she wants to hear it. Of course she tells him yes, and he breaks into "uh, huh, uh, huh, eh, hay, I'm all shook up!"

On another episode of Live With Regis (1989- Present), aired 1/24/01, the show utilized Elvis' Viva Las Vegas number as the into song for special guest Howie Mandell.

On the Roseanne (1998) show aired September 17, 1998, she makes reference to Ann Margaret and starts to sing Viva Las Vegas during her opening act while doing a presentation of the Statue of Liberty.

Oprah (1986-Present) - Her guests are Matt Damon and Billy Bob Thornton. In her interview with Matt, she makes note that Matt has become quite famous. She comments, "It's kinda hard to wrap your bearin around all this fame stuff." Matt says, "It kinda comes and goes for everybody except for Elvis and You!" Later Oprah introduces Matt as, "He's not just a hunk a' burnin' love," while introducing his latest movie All the Pretty Horses.

Oprah (1986-Present) features a show about women who are given the chance to do something they have always wanted to do, but never had the nerve to do. On this episode, the wife of an Elvis Impersonator, Dierdre Brendon who performs in Las Vegas show Legends, surprises her husband by daring to wear a show girl costume and performing with him on stage during his closing segment of the show. 

On Charlie Rose Show (1991), former President Bill Clinton played Don't Be Cruel on his saxophone.

Sylvester Stallone is a guest on the Jay Leno Show which aired March 26, 2001. Sylvester begins talking about his mother and how, "Mom is in a whole different plane. My Mom, she thinks Elvis is just coming into Vogue..."


Game Shows


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (1999-present)-Doug Saffey, one of the contestants is wearing an Elvis tie.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (2000-present) aired 11/27/00 had an Elvis related question. In the 1956 hit song, Heartbreak Hotel, what street is it at the end of? Answer: Lonely Street

Family Feud (1999-present)-with host Louie Anderson, had a question category "What does an Elvis Impersonator need to do the job?" The top six answers were: sequined outfits, sideburns, black hair, guitar, the voice, and pelvic gyrations.

Street Smarts (2000)  In a special episode filmed in Las Vegas, NV, during the opening announcements, the announcer states, "We are going to see who is as smart as a hound dog,  or dumb as a jailhouse rock." The host is wearing an Elvis jumpsuit and wig. Several other references are announced as well, such as, "We'll see who our players "Can't Help Falling in Love" with when we return." The also utilize the Elvis theme in one of their questions, "Which hotel is down at the end of Lonely Street?" The next pre-commercial statement is "Stay tuned because the only thing worse than waking up to an Elvis impersonator is....?!" and finally the departing statement; "Ladies and Gentlemen, the King's tired...I'm gonna leave the building."

Wheel of Fortune (1975 - Present) - Aired February 14, 2001 was filmed in the lovely state of Hawaii. Quite naturally, they would utilize an Elvis reference in one of their puzzles. The answer was Elvis - Aloha From Hawaii.

Wheel of Fortune – Aired 10/10/02 – One of the puzzles had this as an answer – Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley.

Jeopardy has gotten into the Elvis game as well. One of the puzzles: although he is deceased he still gives audio tours of his home, Graceland. Answer: Who is Elvis Presley? (of course!)

Jeopardy puzzle theme “Elvis Hits” – the answers are: 

The gambling meca – Viva Las Vegas

Canine – Hound Dog

1956-Refrain from inflicting pain – Don’t Be Cruel

Mail rerurn to the dispatcher – Return to Sender


The Weakest Link has also used Elvis as a reference for their questions. On the May 14, 2001 episode one such question was "What Carl Perkins hit was made famous by Elvis Presley?" The answer of course, "Blue Suede Shoes."




On 10/2/00 Monday Night Football, utilizes Elvis footage during the  introduction of the Kansas City Chiefs VS Seattle Seahawks game. The focus was on Elvis Grbac. While making the introductions we can hear Elvis singing Heartbreak Hotel with black and white footage from the '68 TV Special. Also used was black and white footage from the Aloha TV Special as well.


Special Programming


The Sexiest Bachelor's Pageant (2000) with Caroline Joiner making quote to an Elvis related phrase while describing her feelings about some to the contestants. She makes note that these gentlemen are a "Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love."

Antiques Road Show - aired 12/4/00 which was filmed in Dallas, TX. A woman presents for appraisal a gold square diamond ring which she claims was once owned by Elvis. she says that Colonel Tom Parker gave it to her father. She was unable to present any documentation as to whether or not it was actually owned by Elvis, such as a photo with him wearing it. The appraiser recommends that she search for a picture of Elvis wearing the ring. Estimated value of the ring was given as $4000. Appraiser tells her, "If Elvis did, in fact, wear this ring, I'm all shook up!"

The American Music Awards (2001) show presented an award to Faith Hill. I didn't get which award it was for. In her speech, she thanks her mother for taking her to her first concert to see Elvis Presley perform.

Top of the Pops Robbie Williams played his new release and at the end of the song he went into Suspicious Minds. After the 1st verse he stopped the band and said, "obviously I'm not Elvis and I can't do the song justice like the real man, there's only ONE, WATCH THIS.... The best ELVIS PRESLEY" they then played the full video.

The Miss America Pageant – during the swimsuit competition “A Little Less Converstion” is being played, while the contestant, Miss Illinois, also proclaims that she is a huge Elvis fan.


Music Shows


MTV's Nsync's Greatest MTV Moments (2000) Dave Holmes, host of MTV asks the viewing audience a trivia question about the hottest vocal group, Nsync. The question is "Which member was born in the home state in which Elvis was also born?" The answer; ""Lance Bass who was born in Jackson, MS, Elvis as we all know was born in Tupelo, MS."

MTV - one of the VJ's makes reference to Elvis - "Elvis was cool, but not that cool!" Well I'm sure all of us Elvis fans would have to totally disagree with this statement!

The Celine Dion Comback Special - during the promotional spot aired prior to the performance show, Celine asks this question in response to the announcers focus on the "great comeback" - "Who did you expect, Elvis?"


News Shows


The weekly primetime news show, Dateline, has gotten into the Elvis reference game as well. I was watching it on 12/10/00 and noted while they were highlighting a story about a lady's murder, they were showing clips of wedding video. While airing these clips, Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love was playing.









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Elvis: His Life From A to Z - Fred L. Worth and Steve D. Tamerius


 I am interested in all that is available, both past and present. If you know of any, I'd love to hear from you and include it on this site. Click on the link below, and let me know about it.

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