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Elvis: The First Filmed Performances -The title speaks for itself. 


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Elvis The Complete Story - Lots of great footage. Includes all the landmarks, his mother and their relationship, the Colonel's relationship, drug use and the Mafia. Interviewees are Francine York, Sue Ann Langdon, Mary Ann Mobley, Julie Parrish, and Gary Lockwood.

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Aloha From Hawaii - Remastered - Elvis Presley performs in Honolulu, Hawaii, in this 1973 concert. Among the 25 titles included are "Blue Suede Shoes," "Suspicious Minds," and "C.C. Rider." Elvis made television and entertainment history as this was the first-ever live concert broadcast over satellite, reaching in excess of one billion people worldwide. Note: Elvis' performances of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, I Can't Stop Loving You, and Johnny B. Goode in the Aloha From Hawaii concert have been deleted from the newly re-released DVD/VHS editions of this program. Music publishing clearance from the songs' owners was up for renewal and an agreement could not be reached.
This edited version is the only available version of Elvis' historic Aloha From Hawaii concert. 

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Alternate Aloha Concert - Remastered This one is also a remastered version of the alternate concert show. Quality is improved. The four bonus songs include Ku-u-i-po, No More, Early Morning Rain, and Hawaiian Wedding Song.

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Gift Set - The films included in this set are Paradise Hawaiian Style, Roustabout, Fun In Acapulco, GI Blues and King Creole.

Why Elvis? -Features interviews with The King's friends, neighbors, band members, first record producer, and fans, as well as a never-before-released interview with Presley himself. 

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Elvis - Long Live The King - 2 Video Set

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Elvis' Lost Loves - Check this one out to find out about the early loves of Elvis, including Dixie Locke.

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Elvis-Story of a Legend

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Elvis - Death of a Legend - 2 Video Set - This set interludes us into the detailed events surrounding the early morning hours of August 16, 1977 through the burial on August 18, 1977. It also includes some documentary of his life and career.

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Elvis 56-In The Beginning  - This is a 1987 documentary that profiles around the year that saw Elvis' eruption into the music business. It focuses on his transition into a music deal, national media exposure and the first steps into his movie career.

That's The Way It Is - Special Edition - This remake is an awesome formulation of the best of Elvis! All fan comments have been cut out and much more of Elvis' own performances can be enjoyed.

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Almost Elvis - Elvis Impersonators and their Quest For The Crown - As the title implies, this video focus' on the Elvis Impersonators and what they go through to be proclaimed the best of Elvis Impersonators. 

He Touched Me: The Gospel of Elvis Presley Vol 1 - A fabulous compilation from those who were closest to him. The focus is on Elvis' gospel music and his religious feelings.

He Touched Me: The Gospel of Elvis Presley Vol 2 A fabulous compilation from those who were closest to him. The focus is on Elvis' gospel music and his religious feelings.

The Echo Will Never Die

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Lost Elvis Home Movies


Elvis - '68 Comeback Special  - Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of rock, performs in a concert recorded on December 3, 1968. Airing as an NBC special, this spectacular performance -- his first T.V. performance in eight years -- has become legendary. Performing alone as well as in special jam sessions with Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, his early backing musicians, Elvis puts on the kind of crackling, charismatic show which helped make him the most famous rock and roll star of all time. 

Elvis - The Great Performances V. 1: Center Stage - Narrated by George Klein, this made-for-video program is a collection of Elvis Presley's hits and rare footage.


Great Performances V. 2: Man & The Music - 

Elvis - The Concert Collection - Relive three of the King's most memorable performances: '68 COMEBACK SPECIAL, ALOHA FROM HAWAII, and ONE NIGHT WITH YOU. See individual titles for more information.  Contains three Elvis concert videos: "The '68 Comeback Special., "Aloha from Hawaii," and "One Night with You."

Elvis: Remembering Elvis - A Documentary - A look at the life and times of one of music's greatest stars, Elvis Presley. From his youth in Mississippi to his early career with Sun Records and his days as a music superstar, every aspect of the King's life is covered.

This Is Elvis - A wonderful documentary detailing many aspects of his musical career. See what goes on behind the scenes of his tour.


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