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Shooting began February 6, 1966 and was completed April 6, 1966

Sneak Preview in Memphis at the Malco Theater on September 13, 1966

Opened nationally November 23, 1966

Character:  Mike McCoy

Producer: Joe Pasternak

Director: Norman Taurog



Elvis stars once again as a racecar driver, Mike McCoy. Mike fronts a popular singing group, and he is also the defending champion on the racing circuit. Fast cars are not nearly as dangerous for Mike as the beautiful women, all  wanting to take him down the aisle. Les, his drummer, Cynthia Foxhugh, daughter of a wealthy auto magnate, and Diana St. Clair, a writer,  are all attracted to the driver. In the end, Mike does not end with any of these women, instead, he escorts them down the aisle to friends and associates, while he remains free to begin a new romance.



"Spinout"-Sung over opening credits and later at a party.

"Stop, Look, and Listen"-Sung at a club in Santa Barbara.

"Adam and Evil"-Sung immediately after "Stop, Look and Listen"

"All That I Am"-Sung to Diane McBain at a campsite.

"Never Say Yes"-Sung in rehearsal.

"Am I Ready"-Sung to Shelley Fabares, as a birthday present for her character, Cynthia Foxhugh.

"Beach Shack"-Sung at a poolside party.

"Smorgasbord"-Sung at a party.

"I'll Be Back"-Sung in a club at the end of the film.



Mike McCoy - Elvis Presley

Cynthia Foxhugh - Shelley Fabares

Diana St. Clair - Diane McBain

Les - Deborah Walley

Susan - Dodie Marshall

Curly - Jack Mullaney

Lt. Tracy Richards - Will Hutchins

Philip Short - Warren Berlinger 

Larry - Jimmy Hawkins

Howard Foxhugh - Carl Betz

Bernard Ranley - Cecil Kellaway

Violet Ranley - Una Merkel

Blodgett - Frederic Worlock

Harry - Dave Barry

Blonde Beauty - Jo Ann Medley

Redhead Beauty - Deanna Lund

Brunette Beauty - Inga Jacklin

Blonde Beauty - Virginia Wood

Platinum Beauty - Nancy Czar

Race Announcer - Jay Jasin

Award Beauty - Victoria Carroll

Bit Man - Josh Harding

Bit Girls - Rita Wilson, Arlene Charles, Jeanmarie, Gay Gordon, Phyllis Davis, Thordis Brady, Fredda Lee, Sheryl Ullman

Shorty Bloomquist - James McHale

Girl - Judy Durell

Members of Shorty's Pit Crew - Red West, Joe Esposito


Production Notes:

Spinout saw several title changes during production. Among them were Jim Dandy, After Midnight, and Always at Midnight. During preproduction, the title was Never Say No. That was changed to Never Say Yes in November 1965, and finally to Spinout in February.

The British title was California Holiday.

To film Spinout, MGM used seven sound stages and five location sites, including the Ascot Motor Car Racing Ground and Dodger Stadium. For the scene at the beginning of the Sante Fe Road Race (which was filmed at Dodger Stadium), MGM used 200 extras, 28 supporting actors, 50 cars, and 12 custom racing cars.

To promote Elvis's tenth year in films, MGM mounted a massive publicity campaign. Film exhibitors received a Spinout press kit that included Elvis photos, posters, flyers, tabloid heralds, and booklets about his gold Cadillac. Also included was twenty-page anniversary story about Elvis. More than 5,000 radio stations received promo copies of the "Spinout" single release, and MGM prepared open-ended interviews with Shelley Fabares, Deborah Wally, and Diane McBain. Movie and TV trailers were also produced.


The number on the side of Mike McCoy's 427 Cobra race car was number 11. When not racing the car, he towed it behind his antique 1929 Deusenberg (Model J).

The three piece combo that backed Mike up was called 1 Plus 2 + 1/2. The two guitar players were Larry and Curly; the girl drummer was named Les.

Howard Foxhugh owned Foxhugh Motors. One of his manufactured cars was called the Foxhugh Whiplash.

Howard Foxhugh paid Mike and his combo $5,000 to sing at his daughter Cynthia's birthday party (which was on the 15th).

The Perfect American Male was the book being researched by Diana St. Clair. Her previous two works were Ten Ways to Trap a Bachelor and The Mating Habits of the Single Male. For the latter book, she dressed like a man and lived with a platoon of Marines to do her research.

Les's full name was Lester. Mike called her Buddy.

Howard Foxhugh built a new race car called the Fox 5. He wanted Mike to race the car for him, but eventually drove it himself.

The setting for Spinout was Santa Barbara, CA.

Ranley Manor was the estate next door the to Foxhugh home. Mike and his combo stayed in the house while the owners, Bernard and Violet Ranley, went on a well-deserved vacation after thirty-seven years of marriage. Their butler was named Blodgett.

Santa Fe Road Race is a 250-mile race won by Mike McCoy in Shorty Bloomquist's blue SB Special. The car was Number 9. Red West and Joe Esposito could be seen as members of Shorty's pit crew-the ones who pushed the car to the starting line. Howard Foxhugh offered $50,000 to the winner of the race and $10,000 to each driver who finished ahead of his Fox 5 car.


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