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This page is dedicated to the Society of Admiration For Elvis Fan Club

The Society of Admiration For Elvis Fan Club is an Indiana  based fan club established to give the local (and distant) Elvis fans of all ages a realm in which to honor Elvis and share in their admiration for the King of Rock and Roll. We work together in keeping his name and reputation "SAFE" whenever necessary and free of degradation. Keeping his image and honor alive is what is the most important aspect of the club. Coming together in love, sharing past and present Elvis experiences, and enjoying the music and movies from his career, we have all grown to love and cherish.

Elvis was well renowned for his love and kindness for people in need. It is because of his generosity to those in need, that Elvis fan clubs, including this one, help carry on his legacy by contributing to charities in need of assistance. This fan club has chosen "The Elvis Presley Trauma Center" and "The Elvis Presley Foundation" as its primary charity organizations, however, we will assist any charity or person who has the need. Working to help those who are down on their luck, was one of the things that Elvis loved to do and did frequently, so this is also our goal as a fan club formed to pay tribute to his memory. Keeping the world and all within it "SAFE" for Elvis, Elvis fans, and all that was important to Elvis.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our fan club, we would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me for more info on how you can join. Just fill out the form below and I will send you the information you need to learn more about our fan club.

1257 E Clinton St

Frankfort, IN 46041

 Membership is $10.00 US, $15.00 Canada, and $20.00 Overseas

Each membership receives our membership card, certificate, club button and latest as well as past newsletters.

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"Without a song, the day would never end,

without a song, a man ain't got no friend;

without a song, the road would never bend,

without a song.....so I'll just keep singing a song"



Send us your information and we will send you a brochure so that you might join our fan club. 

SPECIAL OFFER!  The first 10 persons to submit their information to me between Mar18, 2002 and March 22, 2002 will receive one year free membership! So hurry sign up now! If this form doesn't work, submit the information using my email link below! 

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For Fan Club registration form email me if the above form doesn't work with your browser!


Society of Admiration For Elvis n Club is recognized and 

Coming soon! Be sure and check this site for future fan club activities and club postings!



Teresa Guest, President.
Copyright 1999 [Society of Admiration For Elvis Fan Club]. All rights reserved.
Revised: March 18, 2002