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infinitebook.jpg (38303 bytes)Infinite Elvis - An annotated Bibliography - Mary Hancock Hinds -

Infinite Elvis: An Annotated Bibliography

lifeinpix.gif (106539 bytes)Elvis Presley (Life In Pictures Series) - Tim Frew - A pictorial of Elvis and his life.

elvisculturebk.jpg (46016 bytes)Elvis Culture: Fans, Faith, and Image - Erika Lee Doss - Focus on Elvis image in Americas pop culture. The author focuses on how fans collect, and display their Elvis treasures, as well as how the fans celebrate his heritage each year in August. Learn how fans proclaim him as a sort of religious icon through their personal shrines, the inspiration for the wide following of impersonators and even some sexual fantasy focal points by both men and women.

Elvis Culture: Fans, Faith, and Image

wordforword.jpg (41368 bytes)Elvis: Word for Word - Jerry Osborne - Find out what Elvis said and exactly how he said it. A must have for all Elvis fans.

elvisnixon.jpg (27022 bytes)Elvis and Nixon: A Novel - Johnathan Lowy - This novel is based on the real life meeting between Elvis and Nixon on December 21, 1970. The author tells of how Nixon presented Elvis with the FBI Special Narcotics Agent badge. The author bases his accounts from White House staff memories and Elvis entourage

elvisshot.jpg (41554 bytes)Elvis Shot by Ed Bonja - Explore many wonderful photographs of Elvis Presley as seen through the eyes of his official photographer and tour manager.

elvisandme.gif (70531 bytes)Elvis and Me - Priscilla Beaulieu Presley and Sandra Harman- This national #1 bestseller details the memoirs of the love affair between Elvis and Priscilla as told by Priscilla herself.

Elvis and Me

recordsmemoralbilia.jpg (35271 bytes) The Official Price Guide to Elvis Presley Records and - Jerry Osborne - Want to know what your old Elvis records and mementos are worth? Then this is the book for you. Annotation - The astounding array of Elvis Presley memorabilia is unparalleled in the history of music. Now, this all-in-one sourcebook offers Elvis fans 6,000
prices of everything from CDs and records to bubble-gum cards; a Buyers-Sellers Directory listing addresses and phone numbers of collectors; black-and-white illustrations throughout, and more.

The Elvis Presley Records and Memorabilia

shakerag.gif (145920 bytes)Shake Rag: From The Life of Elvis Presley - Amy Littlesugar and Floyd Cooper -

0698118960:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

ontour.jpg (63734 bytes)Elvis Live on Tour 1954 to 1977: The King of the Road - Robert Gordon and Mike Evans - A complete chronology of Elvis' musical career from the beginning to the very last days.

immortal.gif (84400 bytes)Elvis Immortal - Carl Waldman, Deborah Walley, Frank Coffey, Jim Donovan and Paul Lichter - Includes a special CD with Elvis Conversation which is labeled Elvis, Memories Are Forever. Focuses on the more personal view of Elvis.

everythingelvis.gif (116053 bytes)Everything Elvis - Joni Mabe - A pictorial view of the many items the fans love to collect. Many are self made. Take a look at the Elvis prayer rug, a wart removed from Elvis' foot in 1957, 8-tracks from the 70's, a mobile shrine, 1977 concert tickets and even some of Mabe's own creations.

elvisstyle.gif (39991 bytes)Memphis, Elvis-Style - Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman - Follow Elvis through his hometown from the places where he lived to the arenas he performed in.

wisemensay.jpg (29361 bytes)Wise Men Say: An Incomparable Collection of Little Known Facts about Elvis - Jesse Fontana - Think you know everything about Elvis? Try reading this book, you might find out something new you didn't already know. 

diedtooyoung.gif (96625 bytes)Elvis Presley (They Died Too Young) - Melissa Hardinge - Main focus is the early departure of the stars we loved so well, this one of course is Elvis. 

The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words - Donald Hinton With Jesse - Elvis is Alive? This is a fascinating book about a Dr. from Independence, Missouri who claims Elvis is alive and well. There is even a picture of Elvis with his
grandson. It is quite interesting. The facts are there, for you to judge. The name 'Jesse' is the name Elvis has been living under. (Jesse was his stillborn twin brother)

The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words

Elvis & Presley - Robert Huber and Stephan Vanfleteren - From the Publisher ''The King is Alive!''...The journey of the photographers Robert Huber and Stephan Vanfleteren began in New York somewhere along 42nd street. It ended three weeks and eleven states later in Death Valley. Everything the two artists did during their journey, they did dressed as Elvis Presley, the King of Rock'n'Roll. The artists photographed each other, with Presley (Vanfleteren) in black and white, and Elvis (Huber) in color. ''Elvis'' and ''Presley'' crossed the country riding Greyhound buses and subways, hitch-hiking, strolling through malls or ending up in small town bars where strange women embraced them. While as photojournalists they were accustomed to remaining behind the scenes, here Huber and Vanfleteren found themselves suddenly thrust into the spotlight of their own work. What emerges is a hyperreal road movie, a media-damaged update of Robert Frank's "The Americans ", in which two Europeans step into the boundless television screen that is America.

Elvis and Presley

Elvis Presley - Hollywood Years - Benjamin Weisman Carol Cuellar (Editor) Including hit film songs and stories by Ben Weisman, this first-time collection
features Elvis' hits from films such as: Loving You * Jailhouse Rock * King Creole * Roustabout and more! 

0897244451:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

Elvis Presley: In His Own Words - Elvis Presley, Mick Farren and Pearce Marchbank

Elvis Presley: In His Own Words

Elvis: Quote Unquote - Arthur Davis - From the Publisher - Elvis Presley was the very picture of a rags to riches success story. This poor boy turned teenage idol set the world alight with his dynamic musical blending of country & blues. His death turned the fading star into a legend. In this book the legend comes to life: Elvis & his mama; the hysteria of his adoring fans; meeting & marrying Priscilla; the Memphis Mafia — all the major highlights & turning points of Elvis' life are documented. Candid & revealing comments by Elvis, his family, friends & famous admirers are all gathered here. With the finest photos of the King — this book is an intimate portrait of the life of Elvis Presley.

0788157701:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon and The American Dream - Connie Kirchberg and Marc Hendrickx - This book compares the lives of two American icons, paralleling their climbs from poverty to fame, money, and power that may have peaked at the point of their meeting in 1970. Kirchberg and Hendrickx, both writers specializing in American biographies, also contrast the ways that the two men handled their power, both experiencing a fall from grace, but whereas Nixon rebounded to become a respected statesman, Presley spiraled downward to his death. 

Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon, and the American Dream

Elvis Presley: The King - Katherine E. Krohn - Synopsis - This book examines the childhood, musical career, films, and family life of the rock star Elvis Presley. "Grades four to eight." (SLJ) - From the Publisher - In this fun-filled biography, you'll read about Elvis's pink Cadillac, his stately Memphis mansion, his acting career, and his final years as a Las Vegas showman. And you'll learn why--more than 15 years after his death--the King of Rock and Roll lives on.

0822596547:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock N Roll - Robert Daily - Annotation - Examines the rock star's childhood, family life, musical career, films, and legacy. From the Publisher - This absorbing narrative explores the ground-breaking career of this legendary entertainer from his impoverished Tennessee roots to his meteoric rise, his sudden death, and his impact on the music world.

0531112888:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

Elvis Presley: The Rebel Years - Lester Bangs - Annotation - Shown here in his early years from 1954 to 1960, when he still had the unrestrained power of a naive, exceedingly charming Southern boy who was slowly losing his innocence, Elvis Presley is presented as a scandalous, heartthrob teen idol, a rebel who captured the devotion of millions of fans.

Elvis Presley; The Rebel Years

  Elvis Presley - The Rise of Rock n Roll - David Rubel - Synopsis - This is a biography of the rock and roll performer. Chronology. Bibliography. Index. "Grades six to twelve." - From the Publisher - Follows the life, career, and music of the popular rock and roll singer, from his early years in Mississippi to his controversial death at age forty-two.

Elvis Presley: The Rise of Rock and Roll

The Field Guide to Elvis Shrines - Bill Yenne and Bruce Emmett (Illustrator) - From Our Editors - Planes and trains are great, but there's something about a road trip, about sliding in behind the wheel of a car, cranking up the music, and hitting the highway. Now, with the publication of Bill Yenne's The Field Guide To Elvis Shrines, you can hit the road with Elvis. It's just as if the King were sitting right beside you, chugging a big ol' Pepsi and chowing down on fried peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches. From the Publisher - Featuring maps and directions to everywhere Elvis ever did anything. Where he was born, raised, went to church, attended school, dated girls, drove a truck, bought a guitar, sang, recorded, swiveled his hips, made movies, gave away scarves, ate, slept, prayed, drank, got high, lived, and died. Highlights of the places throughout the United States and Europe that were important in Elvis's life - complete with addresses, telephone numbers, and driving directions for each entry.  Walking and driving tours of Memphis, Tupelo, Las Vegas, Hollywood and more Every home - from Bel Air to Memphis - that Elvis owned or lived in  Every concert hall, auditorium, or other venue - in over thirty states - where Elvis performed  Explanations of the historical significance of each site 

The Field Guide to Elvis Shrines

I, Elvis - William McCranor Henderson - From the Publisher - What happens when a middle-aged novelist and professor, a devoted husband and father, trades his chinos and oxfords for a bejeweled jumpsuit? Despite the suspicious minds of his family and friends, William McCranor Henderson can't help falling in love with the life of an Elvis impersonator, a world where Memphis is Mecca, Graceland is the Vatican, and Vegas is Heaven. An inspiring, funny, surprising chronicle of one man's quest to be King, I, Elvis reveals ... the moves, from the body palsy to the shaky leg ... the difference between hillbilly Elvis and religious Elvis ... how to spot an Elvisoid, i.e., a fake, non-performing impersonator ... the importance of hiring an authentic-looking bodyguard-cum-scarf man ... the sneers and taunts of "the clown factor" ... the awesome responsibility of "the savior factor ... how to cultivate an I'm-not-Elvis brand of humility ... and the never-ending search for white shoes.

I, Elvis.

The King and I: A Little Gallery of Elvis Impersonators - Kent Barker (Photographer)

0811802442:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

The Printed Elvis: The Complete Guide to Books about the King, Vol. 75 - Steven Opdyke - From the Publisher More than 400 books have been published on the American musical icon, Elvis Presley. This critical, annotated guide contains reviews of the varied literature on Elvis, from his career and its social and political aspects to biographies and discographies. The annotated literature not only includes works by family, friends, and musical peers but also references and guides to Elvis collectibles. Each entry details, in addition to pertinent publishing and author information, the specific perspectives and information unique to the literature. The author provides assessments made by Elvis' peers and an introductory essay discusses the surrounding contradictions and the enduring fascination with Elvis.

The Printed Elvis: The Complete Guide to Books about the King

Return to Sender: The Secret Son of Elvis Presley - Les Fox and Sue Fox  From the Publisher - This is the story that Elvis Presley could have written for himself! In a series of twists and turns, including the murder of Elvis' lawyer, Return to
Sender transports you into the magical realm of imagination and history...and makes you wonder if this story is fact or fiction!

0964698609:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

That's All Right, Mama - Gerald Duff -From the Critics From Publisher's Weekly - Publishers Weekly - Serious literary fiction about Elvis? You bet! Duff's (Graveyard Working) transcendent prose swings and sways, whoops and moans in pulsating cadences reminiscent of the King. The hilariously pedantic introduction is a setup for the ``manuscript'' that follows: the wry, gritty and profoundly moving autobiography of Elvis's identical twin brother, who allegedly died at birth. Jesse Garon Presley relates how, from his earliest childhood, half-crazy mother Gladys lavished all her attention and affection on Elvis. Brought up as Elvis's ``cousin'' (although Mama calls on Jesse to stand in for his twin from time to time), Jesse is left to his own devices-tinkering with cars and, later, hanging out in juke joints in Memphis and nearby
Alabama. Jesse tells how it was he, not Elvis, who made the first recording at Sun Studio, and how, much the better dancer, he doubled for the burned-out ``Bubba'' on the Ed Sullivan Show and in the performance of the title song in Jailhouse Rock. Although he hides from Elvis for years at a time, Jesse can't keep from filling in for him-even as a husband to Priscilla-when asked. The ultimate irony is that, after his famous twin dies, Jesse is still not free to be himself: he ends up as an Elvis impersonator. A rich and well-realized tale, even for readers to whom August 16 (Elvis's death date) is just another day. (Aug.) 

1880909332:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

Tryin' to Get to You: The Story of Elvis Presley - Valerie Harms - Annotation - A biography of Elvis Presley, whose musical style, forged from gospel songs, black blues, and country ballads, altered the course of contemporary music. From the Publisher - This story of Elvis Presley covers his early roots more deeply than any other book: poor rural childhood, teenage insecurities in a big city high school and early successes in the South.

Tryin' to Get to You: The Story of Elvis Presley

All Shook up!: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley - Barry Denenberg
From the Publisher - Elvis Presley—all quivering hips and pouty lips—hit the scene in the 1950s, singing songs kids couldn't resist. Today, Elvis' image and music are
as much a part of American popular culture as ever. This perceptive biography illuminates the overwhelming life of an American icon, from his extraordinary rise to his final fall. ALL SHOOK UP is a must-read for Elvis fans young and old.

All Shook Up

In Search of Elvis: Music, Race, Art, Religion - International Conference on Elvis Presley 1995 University of Mississi Vernon Chadwick (Editor) - Synopsis: These are the proceedings of the first annual International Conferenceon Elvis Presley held Aug. 6-11, 1995 at the University of Mississippi. The contents "include M. Gottdiener's 'Dead Elvis as Other Jesus,' Elvis MacLeod's'Generation E,' and Peter Nazareth's . . . 'Elvis as Anthology.'" - From the Publisher: The International Conference on Elvis Presley, convened at the University of Mississippi, transformed a rock and roll icon into a scholarly phenomenon. Educators, artists, and Elvis aficionados from across the world plus over one hundred internationally based reporters - collected on Oxford, Mississippi, soil to analyze and celebrate Elvis's impact on the world stage. From this conference, which became front page New York Times Magazine news, springs this book, the best and brightest essays and artwork swirling around the cultural, social, political, and
iconographic figure of Elvis Presley. Taken together, In Search of Elvis represents a daring and groundbreaking academic analysis. Richly illustrated with original Elvis-inspired artwork, this book captures the subterranean essence of one of the most phenomenal artists to have ever

Table of Contents 
Introduction: Ole Massa's Dead, Long Live the King ofRock 'n' Roll
Country Elvis
Rethinking Elvis and the Rockabilly Moment
From Denmark to RCA: On the Road with Elvis, Scotty, and Bill
Elvis as Anthology
Elvis as Southerner
Elvis Presley as Redneck
Elvis's Man Friday
A Revolutionary Sexual Persona: Elvis Presley and the White Acquiescence of Black Rhythms
"It Ain't No Hound Dog, Maybe, But I Believe It's Some
Kinda Critter Anyway": Elvis and Southern Self-Taught Art as Storytelling
In Search of Elvis: An Exhibition in a Variety of Media
Everything Elvis
Why I'm the World' Number One Elvis Fan
Generation E
In Search of the Young Elvis: Confessions of a Dutch
Dead Elvis as Other Jesus
Sermon on Alvis
When Elvis Died: Enshrining a Legend
About the Editor and Contributors

In Search of Elvis Music, Race, Art and Religion

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