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Loving You



Shooting began January 21, 1957 and completed March 8, 1957

Premiered July 9, 1957 in Memphis at the Strand Theater

Opened nationally on July 30, 1957

Producer: Hal B. Wallis

Director: Hal Kanter



The show opens with Deke, a truck driver with a natural talent for really belting out a song, teams up with a press agent, Glenda Markle, in hopes of becoming a singing sensation. Deke begins his career as a the opening act for Glenda's ex-husband's failing country and western band, Tex Warner's Rough Ridin' Ramblers. It soon becomes apparent that the female persuasion just can't get enough of this new rising star, on and off the stage. Glenda uses Deke's appeal by providing him with customized costumes and arranges publicity stunts  in hopes of capitalizing on this sensual magnet she has discovered. Deke soon faces the dilemma of his attraction towards both his manager and the female singer of Tex's band. He later learns that Glenda has been manipulating him both professionally and personally and becomes a wiser, more mature man as his enters into the world of fame.


"Got a Lot 'o Livin' To Do"-Sung with Tex Warner's band in Delville at the urging of Lizabeth Scott. Later in a medley with "Teddy Bear" and "Hot Dog," on a jukebox during a fight, and on stage in Freegate, Texas.

"(Let's Have a) Party"-Sung on stage first in Longhorn, TX and then in other towns on the tour.

"(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear"-Sung in a medley with "Got a Lot 'o Livin' To Do" and "Hot Dog." Late, sung on stage at the Grand Theater in Amarillo.

"Hot Dog"-Sung in a medley with "Teddy Bear" and "Got a Lot 'o Livin' To Do" Sung later on stage in Towanda.

"Lonesome Cowboy"-Sung on stage in Rodeo City.

"Mean Woman Blues"-Sung in the Buckhorn Tavern. "Accompaniment" was provided by a jukebox.

"Loving You"-Sung on the Jessup's farm and later in the Freegate Civic Auditorium.



Jimmy Tompkins (Deke Rivers) - Elvis Presley

Glenda Markle - Lizabeth Scott

Walter (Tex) Warner - Wendell Corey

Susan Jessup - Dolores Hart

Carl Meade - James Gleason

Jim Tallman - Ralph Dumke

Skeeter - Paul Smith

Wayne - Ken Becker

Daisy Bricker - Jana Lund

Harry Taylor - Vernon Rich

Mr. Castle - David Cameron

Mrs. Gunderson - Grace Hayle

Mack - Dick Ryan

Mr. O'Shea - Steve Pendleton

Ed Grew - Sydney Chatton

Assistant Director - Buck Young

Teddy - Skip Young

Bit Girls - Joan Bradshaw, Melinda Byron

Teenagers - Leo Gastillo, Carole Dulaine, Elaine Dupont, Michael Hadge

Bit Girl - Carla Merey

Teenager - Michael A. Monahan

Pitchman - Dave White

Bit Girls - Brenda Lomas, Audrey Lowell, Linda Rivera

Eddie, (Bass Player) - Bill Black

Glenn - Beach Dickerson

Musician (Guitar Player) - Scotty Moore

Sis Jessup - Kathie Anderson

Mayor of Freegate - Harry Cheshire

Sorority Girls - Sue England, Cecile Rogers

Extras in Audience of Grand Theater - Vernon Presley, Gladys Presley

The Jordanaires - The Jordanaires

TV Announcer - Jack Latham

Mr. Jessup - William Forrest

Mrs. Jessup - Irene Tedrow

Lieutenant - Hal K. Dawson

Bit Woman - Helen Hatch

Bit Woman - Madge Blake

Editor - Joe Forte

Sally - Yvonne Lime

Teenagers - Donna Jo Gribble, Victoria King

Waitress - Karen Scott

Bit Woman - Almira Sessions

Bit Girl - Steffi Sidney

Fank, Manager of the Buckhorn Tavern - Julius M. Tannen

1st Girl - Florine Carlan

2nd Girl - Nancy Kilgas

3rd Girl - Myrna Fahey

Bit Girl - Heather Hopper

Teenager - Michael A. Monahan

Bit Messenger - Mike Mahoney

Bit Girls - Joy Reynolds, Joy A. Stoner

Teenager - Jeanette Taylor

Bunk - Drew Cahill

Leola - Gwen Caldwell

Eddie - Les Clark

Musician (Drummer) - D. J. Fontana

Barney - James Horan

Buzz Jessup - Timothy Butler

Candy - Gail Lund

Bit Women (in audience of Grand Theater) - Maida Severn, Trude Severn, Elsie Backer

Bit - Barbara Hearn


Production Notes:

Loving You reached #7 in Variety's weekly list of top-grossing films.

Loving You was based on the story A Call From Mitch Miller, by Mary Agnes Thompson

Loving You was Elvis' first color film.

Elvis and his parents stayed at the Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel.

Making their screen debuts in Loving You were Scotty Moore, Bill Black, D. J. Fontana, Vernon Presley, Gladys Presley, and the Jordanaires.


Tex Warner's band was known as the Rough Ridin' Ramblers. Scotty Moore, Bill Black, and D.J. Fontana had bit roles in the film as members of the band.

The first town in which Deke Rivers sang professionally was Longhorn, where he san "(Let's Have A) Party." He sang there at the Community Fair Night.

Some of the towns where Deke performed: Baker, Jordan Crossing, Indian Wells, Big Hill, Alkalai Wells, and Lone Star.

Bill Black made his screen debut in Loving You. His first screen line: "Hey, Deke. See the picture in the paper of the gals fighting over you?" His next line was: "Yeah. From what it says in here, Deke's just about...."

Elvis received his first movie kiss from Jana Lund (Daisy Bricker) during the dressing room scene at the Grand Theater in Amarillo.

Deke Rivers' real name was Jimmy Tompkins. His early years were spent in an orphanage run by Miss Whipshaw. When the orphanage burned down eleven years before, Jimmy ran away and happened upon the Woodbine Cemetery near Allen City. In the cemetery he saw a tombstone that read: "R.I.P., Deke Rivers, 1878-1934. He was alone but for his friends who miss him." Jimmy Tompkins assumed the name Deke Rivers on that day.

KTED--Freegate, TX,  was the television station that provided the broadcast facilities for the national TV special that starred Deke Rivers. The telecast was aired from the Freegate Civic Center. The Jordanaires were seen in the telecast.

Gladys and Vernon Presley were extras in the audience at the Freegate TV broadcast. Gladys could be seen in the fourth row, aisle seat. Vernon was seated next to her. 

One of the events in which Deke Rivers and Tex Warner's Rough Ridin' Ramblers performed was Adams High School Hop. After the event, Susan presented Deke with a guitar that Tex had bought for him. Tex announced that from that time on, Deke would appear on stage with the band and not just come out of the audience as he had before.


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