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Live A Little, Love A Little



Shooting began March 1968

Opened nationally on October 23, 1968

Character:  Greg Nolan

Producer: Douglas Laurence

Director: Norman Taurog



Photographer Greg Nolan, earns his living working for two very distinct clients. Mike Landsdown, owns a and operates Classic Cat Magazine, a girlie publication that features titillating photos. Louis Pentlow, owns a tasteful advertising agency that prides itself on its classy photography. Neither client knows Greg is working for the other. When Greg is not hopping back and forth between photo assignments, he is trying to get freewheeling and freeloving Bernice, out of his hair.



"Wonderful World"-Sung over the opening credits.

"Edge of Reality"-sung in a surrealistic dream sequence.

"A Little Less Conversation"-Sung to Celeste Yarnell at Don Porter's poolside party.

"Almost in Love"-Sung to Michele Carey.

"Let's Live a Little" was cut from the film.



Greg Nolan - Elvis Presley

Bernice - Michele Cary

Mike Landsdown - Don Porter

Louis Pentlow - Rudy Vallee

Harry - Dick Sargent

Milkman - Sterling Holloway

Ellen - Celeste Yarnall

Delivery Boy - Eddie Hodges

Robbie's Mother - Joean Shawlee

Miss Selfridge - Mary Grover

Receptionist - Emily Banks

Art Director - Michael Keller

1st Secretary - Merri Ashley

2nd Secretary - Phyllis Davis

Perfume Model - Ursula Menzel

1st Model - Susan Shute

2nd Model - Edie Baskin

3rd Model - Gabrielle

4th Model - Ginny Kaneen

Sally, the Mermaid Model - Susan Henning

1st Motorcycle Cop - Morgan Windbeil

2nd Motorcycle Cop - Benjie Bancroft

Editor - Russ Bender

Robbie Pussycat - John Hegner

Landlady - Ann Doran

Model - Heidi Jensoem 

Workman - John Wheeler

1st Man - James Oliver

2nd Man - Lonnie Burr

3rd Man - Britt Lomond

Female Companion - Myrna Ross

1st Woman - Marcia Mae Jones

2nd  Woman - Veronica Erickson

Doctor - Bartlett Robinson

Blonde - Thordis Brandt

Man in Elevator - Hal Riddle

Lobby Model - Brooke Mills

Dancer - Bruce Hoy

Masseuse - Hiroko Watanabe

Workman - Paule Sorenson, John Wheeler

Bystander - Mike Wagner

4th Man - Morgan Jones

Ad-Lib Man - Robert Isenberg

Girl at Party - Gayle Rogers

3rd Woman - Mari Aldon

Newspaper Worker - Red West

Bits in Newspaper Office - Joe Diannito, Russ Alexander, Leon Brunelle


Production Notes:

The screenplay was based on the novel Kiss My Firm but Pliant Lips, by Dan Greenburg. 

The newspaper office scene was filmed at the Hollywood Citizen-News in July 1968. Newspaper employees Joe Diannito, Russ Alexander, and Leon Brunelle had bit roles in the film.

The two-hundred-pound Great Dane dog, Albert, was actually played by Brutus, Elvis's real-life dog.

While filming in downtown Los Angeles, a pair of old ladies literally knocked Elvis to the pavement in their hast to get Rudy Vallee's autograph.

Live A Little, Love A Little was never released in Great Britain.

Vernon Presley had a role in Live a Little, Love a Little as an extra sitting at a table.


Albert was Bernice's' pet Great Dane dog. He slept in a baby crib.

Alice was the name Bernice gave to Greg when they bet. She told the delivery boy her name was Suzy and told the milkman her name was Betty.

Greg was born in the month of December.

Harry's favorite foods were egg rolls and hot dogs.

Purple Valley Dairy delivered milk to Bernice's house.

Mike Landsdown's girlie magazine was called the Classic Cat Magazine. It was located on the eighteenth floor of the office building.

Louis Pentlow's business was named RKC&P Creative Advertising. It was located on the twenty-first floor of the same office building in which Classic Cat Magazine was published.

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