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epfc.gif (9650 bytes)

The Elvis Presley Fan Club of the Capital District, Inc.


elviscountry.jpg (16368 bytes)

Elvis Country Fan Club


tbefc2.jpg (14325 bytes)

Touched By Elvis Fan Club


Universally Elvis 


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Elvis Net Fan Club


aefcname.jpg (2744 bytes)

Always Elvis Fan Club


goodtimesfc.gif (39734 bytes)

Talk About The Good Times Fan Club


pclogo1.gif (24396 bytes)

The Presley Connection


Elvis Presley Continentals of Florida


It's Only Love For Elvis Fan Club


einbanner-kees.gif (21655 bytes)

Elvis International Network


swisselvis.jpg (10576 bytes)

Elvis Presley Fan Club of Switzerland


Elvis Extravaganza


Elvis Friends in Hollywood


International Elvis Presley Club of Italy


International Elvis Presley Fan Club - Hong Kong


norway.jpg (52864 bytes)

Elvis Is Still Active In Norway 



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