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This one has quite a few audio files, his own Elvis sightings, and some related links

Another fan site with lots of Elvis information. Lots of cool graphics, and sound bites if you like that stuff.

More Elvis info

Focuses mostly on the music of Elvis, but also contains lots of music news.

Keep up with all the news at this site.

Elvis info site, as well as a fan club.

Another fans tribute site, with lots of pictures and music info

More Elvis news, pictures, and music

Another informative fan site.

The official site for J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet.

Look here for all the information pertaining to the Elvis site webmasters. My site is listed here as well

A very good Elvis link site. This one has lots of Elvis links and also reviews the websites.

The Elvis Theme Page

Elvis Karaoke and Gallery

The Sweet Inspirations Home Page

Lisa Marie Presley's Home Page


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