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I have found these really cool sites in my web browsing. There are many really cool places pertaining to Elvis and I'm sure I've only barely touched base with these. I am always interested in learning of Elvis links others find interesting as well. If you have any sites that you find really cool, and think they should be included on this page, email me and let me know.


Check out the ONLY official Elvis Presley Website

This is the other Elvis establishment. A wonderful place to visit.

Basically an Elvis information site.

You can find loads of information about those hard to find videos, a want ad section and some pictures as well.

This site is loaded with photos

Get your daily Elvis fix, with their Daily Elvis Update.

Another fabulous fan site. Loaded with book reviews, CD reviews, and photos of Elvis' jumpsuits.

Just another fan site mostly focusing on the Hawaiian Elvis.

Home of the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center

The King's Corner-great information source site!

Lots of great pictures and sounds can be found here.

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