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This is a new page I've added. I thought it would be fun to have a page where you, the fans who visit my site, can contribute. I would like to invite you to share your poems, thoughts, feelings about Elvis. Just email me with things you'd like to share and I'll include it here.  To start you off, I've found this cute little poem that Elvis himself wrote when he was just a tyke at the ripe young age of 11-years-old.




Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

When a chicken gets into your house,

You should say shoe, shoe.

When you get married and live in a shack,

Make your children's clothes out of 'toe sacks.

I've written a short story about the annual pilgrimage to Memphis. There is something slightly different about my story though. I've utilized titles of Elvis songs to write the story. I hope you enjoy it. I encourage everyone to write their own stories, poems, letters, whatever you feel like writing, and share them with us. I'll be happy to post them here on my site.

Elvis Week Pilgrimage

Every year I make the annual pilgrimage to Memphis, Tennessee. Usually I take the Long, Lonely Highway, but I'm sure many fans take the Frankfurt Special from oversees to get there. Each year we go to enjoy what once was the Green, Green Grass of Home for Elvis which is a Mansion Over the Hilltop for all the world to see. We as fans look forward to going to A House That Has Everything, Because of Love for Elvis. To us, he was King of the Whole Wide World. For Twenty Days and Twenty Nights (well Almost) we celebrate him. There's never Too Much Monkey Business and no one is ever a Stranger In The Crowd.

I'm sure there are some people who have Suspicious Minds about what goes on during Elvis Week. Well I can tell them that it is easy to Let Yourself Go and Have A Happy time when you get there. C' Mon Everybody, Let's Be Friends through Elvis. Don't Ask Me Why he has the power and spirit to bring us together each year. I guess I Got A Feelin'  and I couldn't fight it. Many of us go For The Good Times we always have and many go For Ol'  Times Sake. But whatever your reason, you know that there will always be Good Rockin'  Tonight. I Just Can't Help Believin' that if you have never experienced Elvis Week, then Seeing Is Believing. Make The World Go Away for one week and go to an Elvis Week Celebration if even for Just A Little Bit. You won't be sorry. Many non-Elvis fans who experience Elvis Week have become fans when they enjoy the festivities.

Vigil night brings me My Happiness when I'm In The Garden where he now lays. It is here, Where No One Stands Alone but among friends. This is the place many of us will be Pledging My/Our Love for him as will many new fans do, I'm sure. Although it often seems as though we have a One Sided Love Affair with him we all know that Only The Strong Will Survive. it too, for he is now our Earth Angel. Also I know that during Elvis Week, when I Need Someone To Lean On another fan will always be there to say, Here I Am, and Help Me Make It Through The Night.

I Got Lucky the day I Got Stung by the Elvis phenomenon, and I don't ever want to lose it. I Gotta Know that we will always be able to walk the pathway to his home, for his Home Is Where The Heart Is for all of us who are his fans. It gives us each a Tender Feeling when we are there, or at least I think we all feel this way.

Although Elvis is in the Promised Land now, he will always have The Power of My Love and I hope that we will never have to go our Separate Ways. So I'll Just Pretend that This Is My Heaven and You Belong To My Heart. For it is The Wonder Of You that brings us all together each year and will forever be; Today, Tomorrow and Forever!



Elvis Presley did not die

He lives again in you and I

In life he lived his songs to wed

Now he sleeps in heavens bed

His time in earth a giant shown

His songs were gospel be it known

And as he sang his rhythms fell

Upon our lives and conquered hell

We sang we danced we lived in sin

Some folk said because of him

Yet be it known this day I say

That every note was heavens pay

To live the life the masters call

Then came the day the heavens fall

Elvis knew he was above

But could not give such perfect love

And so a choir a show to give

It was the only way to live

But crooner came and crooner went

But Elvis was heaven sent.


Thanks Michael, this is a great poem you've submitted.