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Kissin' Cousins



Shooting began October 1963 and took 16 days

Premiered in Phoenix on March 6, 1964

Sneak Preview in North Long Beach, CA on February 21, 1964

Character:  Josh Morgan/Jodie Tatum

Producer: Sam Katzman

Director: Gene Nelson



Elvis plays a dual role in this film as cousins, Josh Morgan, brunette military man, and Jodie Tatum, blonde haired girl-chasin' mountain Romeo. Josh is assigned to persuade the Tatums, his distant relatives on his mother's side, to sell their land to the military for use as a missile site. When Josh visits the Tatums, Josh meets his blonde haired twin cousin and two beautiful country cousins. The two girls both vie for his affections. Josh becomes infatuated with a military WAC . Josh persuades Pappy to sell one side of the mountain as long as the military doesn't interfere with their moon shining business. All are happy.



"Kissin' Cousins"-Sung over the opening and closing credits.

"Smokey Mountain Boy"-Sung while driving a jeep to the Tatum property.

"One Boy, Two Little Girls"-Sung to Pam Austin and Yvonne Craig while walking through the woods.

"Catchin' on Fast"-Sung while kissing Yvonne Craig.

"Tender Feeling"-Sung (as Jodie Tatum) to Cynthia Pepper.

"Barefoot Ballad"-Sung (as Jodie Tatum) during a party to celebrate Pappy Tatum's rescue.

"Once Is Enough"-Sung during a party to celebrate Pappy Tatum's rescue.

"Kissin' Cousins" (No 2)-Sung (as both Josh Morgan and Jodie Tatum) at the end of the film.

"Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You)" was cut from the film. Glenda Ferrell sang "Pappy, Won't You Please Come Home."



Josh Morgan - Elvis Presley

Jodie Tatum - Elvis Presley

Pappy Tatum - Arthur O'Connell

Ma Tatum - Glenda Farrell

Capt. Robert Jason Salbo - Jack Albertson

Selena Tatum - Pam Austin

Cpl. Midge Riley - Cynthia Pepper

Azalea Tatum - Yvonne Craig

Gen. Alvin Donford - Donald Woods

M. Sgt. William George Bailey - Tommy Farrell

Trudy - Beverly Powers

Dixie Cate - Hortense Petra

Gen. Donford's Aide - Robert Stone

Gen. Sam Kruger - Robert Carson

Mike - Joe Esposito

Hairy Willie - W. J. (Sailor) Vincent

Lorraine, Leader of the Kittyhawks - Maureen Reagan

Jonesy - Joan Staley

Minnie - Lonni Lees


Production Notes:

Exteriors were shot at Big Bear Lake, California. All interiors were filmed at MGM's Culver City studios.

MGM recruited thirteen actresses to play the Kittyhawks, one of them was Maureen Reagan, eldest daughter of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman.

As a promotional gimmick, many theaters offered chocolate kisses at the showing of the film. Other theaters offered kissing booths with volunteers "selling kisses for charity."

During it's first six weeks at 125 theaters, Kissin' Cousins grossed $1,750,000. It reached #11 on Variety's weekly list of top-grossing films. For the year 1964, it was ranked #26 with a gross of $2.8 million.


Big Smokey Mountain was owned by the Tatum family. The Pentagon wanted to lease the site for an ICBM base.

Watz Matta You was a phrase written on Josh Morgan's F84 jet.

Josh Morgan was a member of the Shooting Star aerobatic team. (In reality, the Air Force aerobatic team is known as the Thunderbirds.)

Josh Morgan was born in Hidden Rock, NC.

In 1907 Josh Morgan's great-great-aunt, Euphrasia Morgan, married Jubal Tatum.

Blooper: The jeep driven by Josh Morgan to Big Smokey Mountain had a serial number of 11A-3142491. In a later scene, that same jeep was used by General Donford to drive to Big Smokey Mountain.

The Kittyhawks were a band of thirteen love-starved women from the Kittyhawk Valley who were looking for husbands.

The Pentagon's code name was Big Blue. Captain Salbo's code name for his camp was Big Smokey.

Porcupine Flats was the area at the base of Big Smokey Mountain where the Army established camp.

Reporter Dixie Cate worked for the Knoxville Evening Courier newspaper.

Blue Quail was the code name for Josh Morgan's search party in looking for Pappy Tatum. Captain Salbo's code name was Magpie.

Ma Tatum's moonshine was called Mountain Maiden's Breath.

Pappy agreed to lease the land on three conditions: (1) he would receive $1,000 a month; (2) the Army would build a private road on the other side of the mountain; and (3) a military patrol would see to it that no government personnel would trespass on his side of the mountain. 


On the telephone, reporter Dixie Cate thanked a Mr. Billingsley for the tip that the Army had paid for a large order of bikinis. Yet, a few scenes later, she referred to him as Mr. Billings.


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