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Kid Galahad



Shooting began November 1961 and completed December 21, 1961

Opened nationally August 29,1962

Character:  Walter Gulick

Producer: David Weisbart

Director: Phil Karlson



A remake of the film by the same name, starring Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart, Elvis is featured as a boxer Walter Gulick. Though not a great boxer, Walter has a powerful right hook and ca n take a lot of punches. Willy Grogan, a down and out gambler who owns a training camp, spars boxers with Walter. Willy decides to groom Walter into a professional boxer in hopes of earning enough money to pay off his gambling debts. Willy's relationship with Walter changes when Walter falls in love with his sister, Rose. Willy does not want Walter involved with Rose, so he allows Walter to be overmatched for his next fight with a much more superior boxer. Just before the big fight, Willy realizes his moral integrity and changes his mind about the match. They rid themselves of the shady Gangster and Walter goes on to win the match.



"King of the Whole Wide World"-Sung over the opening credits.

"This Is Living"-Sung on the steps of Grogan's training lodge.

"Riding the Rainbow"-Sung in a Model T Ford while driving to Albany.

"Home Is Where the Heart Is"-Sung to Joan Blackman while sitting in a sulky.

"I Got Lucky"-Sung at a Fourth of July celebration.

"A Whistling Tune"-Sung whole strolling with Joan Blackman to the Church of St. Stanislaus.

"Love is For Lovers" was cut from the film.



Walter Gulick - Elvis Presley

Willy Grogan - Gig Young

Dolly Fletcher - Lola Albright

Rose Grogan - Joan Blackman

Lew Nyack - Charles Bronson

Mr. Lieberman - Ned Glass

Mr. Maynard - Robert Emhardt

Otto Danzig - David Lewis

Joie Shakes - Michael Dante

Mr. Zimmerman - Judson Pratt

Mr. Sperling - George Mitchell

Marvin - Richard Devon

Ralphie - Jeffrey Morris

Father Higgins - Liam Redmond

Jerry, the Promoter - Roy Roberts

Peter J. Prohosko - Ralph Moody

Ramon (Sugarboy) Romero - Orlando De La Fuente

Romero's Manager - Frank Gerstle

Romero's Trainer - George J. Lewis

Bit - Sonny West

Fight Announcer - Jimmy Lennon


Production Notes:

Much of the filming was at Idylwild, CA a popular resort 90 miles from Los Angeles. Interiors were filmed at MGM/UA Culver City lot.

Mushy Callahan, a former world junior welterweight boxing champion from 1926 to 1930, coached Elvis for his fight scenes.

Oscar de la Fuente who played Romero in the film was a real life fighter winning the undefeated title for the welterweight division.

For the role as a fighter, Elvis prepared himself as a fighter would. He did road work, went on a strict protein diet, punched bags, sparred for hours with professionals, and lost 12 pounds in the process.

Kid Galahad reached #9 on Variety's list of top-grossing films. For the year 1962, it was ranked #37, grossing $1.75 million.


Cream Valley was the setting for Kid Galahad. The sign for the community on the outskirts of town listed four businesses: Levine's Loch Lovely, Mintz's Mayfair, Shangri-La, Lieberman's and Grogan's Gaelic Garden.

Walter Gulick was born in Cream Valley and was raised in Lowbridge, KY after his parents died when he was fourteen months old.

While in the Army, Walter was stationed in Okinawa and worked in the motor pool.

Walter was paid $5 a round to spar with Joie Shakes.

Kid Galahads first fight was a ten-round bout with Ezzard Bailey at the Capitol Casino in Albany, NY. The purse for the fight was $750. Kid Galahad weighed 180  pounds, and Bailey weighed 181.

Willy Grogan's publicity on Kid Galahad stated that he had won seventeen straight fights in Australia, which was a fabrication.

Kid Galahad fought Ramon Romero on Labor Day weekend. Romero, nicknamed "Sugarboy," was from Tijuana. He weighted in at 181 1/2 pounds for the bout; Kid Galahad weighted in at 178 1/2 pounds. The Kid knocked out Romero in the third round. (Willy had bet $1800 on the Kid.)


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