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Jailhouse Rock



Shooting began May 13, 1957 and completed June 14, 1957

Premiered  October 17, 1957 in Memphis

Opened nationally on November 8, 1957

Producer: Pandro S. Berman

Director: Richard Thorpe



After accidentally killing a man in a barroom brawl, Vince is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to serve in the state penitentiary. His cellmate, as it turns out, is a former country western singer, who takes Vince under his wing. He teaches him how to play the guitar. Upon his release from prison, Vince stumbles onto a hot new singing style. Peggy Van Alden, helps to promote his career and his a huge success in the music industry. Feeling obligated to Hunk, Vince asks him to join his entourage. Jealousy and arrogance prevails, Vince drops his promoter, and Hunk. Hunks jealousy gets the best of him, and takes a swing at Vince, hitting him in the throat, threatening to end Vince's musical career forever. While healing from surgery to the throat, Vince realizes his animosities and his love for Peggy, which ultimately helps to regain his vocal ability.



"Young and Beautiful"-Sung in a jail cell right after Mickey Shaughnessy sang "One More Day." It was later sung in the Club La Florita and in a hotel room at the end of the film.

"I Want To Be Free"-Sung on the TV show "Breath of a Nation."

"Don't Leave Me Now"-Sung in the recording studio.

"Jailhouse Rock"-Sung in rehearsal for an NBC-TV special.

"(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care"-Sung at a poolside party.

Mickey Shaughnessy sang "One More Day"



Vince Everett - Elvis Presley

Peggy Van Alden - Judy Tyler

Hunk Houghton - Mickey Shaughnessy

Mr. Shores - Vaughn Taylor

Sherry Wilson - Jennifer Holden

Teddy Talbot - Dean Jones

Laury Jackson - Anne Neyland

Warden - Hugh Sanders

Sam Brewster - Percy Helton

Jack Lease - Peter Adams

Studio Head - William Forrest

Paymaster - Dan White

Jake the Bartender - George Cisar

Dotty - Robin Raymond

Ken - John Day

Worker - Ken L. Smith

Judge - S. John Launer

Guard - Dick Rich

Mr. Simpson - Glenn Strange

1st Mail Clerk - John Dennis

2nd Mail Clerk - Tom Mayton

Orderly - Bob Stratton

Cleaning Woman - Elizabeth Slifer

Stripteaser - Gloria Pall

Bartender - Fred Coby

Shorty - Walter Johnson

Drunk - Frank Kreig

August Van Alden - Grandon Rhodes

Mrs. Van Alden - Katharine Warren

Man - Russell Whitney

Woman - Alyn Lockwood

2nd Man - Charles Postal

2nd Woman - Jo Gilbert

3rd Woman - Paula Trent

Record Shop Girl - Joan Duplis

Record Distributor - William Tannen

Record Engineer - Wilson Wood

Studio Gate Man - Joe McGuinn

Announcer - Bob Hopkins

Director - Tom McKee

Mr. Bardeman - Robert Bice

Photographer - Donald Kerr

Assistant Director - Steve Warren

Mr. Drummond - Carl Milletaire

Mickey Alba - Don Burnett

Waiter - Francois Andre

Surgeon - Francis Desales

Ad-Libs - John Logan, Jack Younger, Matt Winston

Guard Who Horse-Whipped Vince Everett - Bill Hickman

Piano Player - Mike Stoller

Guitar Player - Scotty Moore

Drummer - D. J. Fontana

Bass Player - Bill Black

Hotel Clerk - Harry Hines

Guard - Bill Hale

Girl In Booth - Tracy Morgan

Girl in Bathing Suit - Linda Williams

Bit Men - Orv Hohler, Jack Herrin, Sid Kane, Jack Shea


Production Notes:

During production, Elvis swallowed a tooth cap and had to be hospitalized for a day at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.

Jailhouse Rock reached #3 in Variety's weekly list of top-grossing films. For the year 1957 it was ranked #14. Total gross was $4 million.

During filming, Judy Tyler's character Peggy is supposed to run out the door of a small nightclub after an argument with Vince. In doing so, she accidentally runs into the plate glass door, thrusting her arm through it. Elvis quickly turns back, caught Judy and blocked the door before it swung back and hit her again.

Another occurrence, while Elvis and a property man were passing by Jennifer Holden's room, they heard a scream. When they went to investigate, they found that an electric heater had caught fire. Elvis and the prop man quickly put out the flames and Elvis carried Jennifer to safety outside her room.

After filming wrapped up, Elvis' generosity was evident. Elvis presented each of the 250 members of the crew and cast with an envelope reading "Thanks to the entire cast and crew." Inside was a photo of Elvis as well as a small gift.


Vince and Hunk were incarcerated in cell block 21.

Vince met Peggy Van Alden at the Club La Florita, a nightclub owned by Sam Brewster. 

During the recording session of "Don't Leave Me Now," photos of several RCA artists could be seen, including the Ames Brothers, Tony Martin, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne, Jaye P. Morgan, Hugo Winterhalter, Eddie Fisher, and Dinah Shore.

Blooper: Concerning the Laural Records partnership, Shores mentioned that the "40 percent participant failed to telephone the 60 percent partner," i.e., Peggy failed to telephone Vince. However, Shores was a 9 percent partner in the firm, which left Vince with 51 percent of the company, not 60 percent.

The Capitol records building in Hollywood could be seen in the film.

The song "The Tender Trap" was heard on the soundtrack during the scene in which Vince and Sherry Wilson swam. "The Tender Trap" was the theme for the 1955 movie of the same title, which starred Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds.

During the "Jailhouse Rock" production number, Vince wore prison number 6240.

1313 was the number on the cell doors in the "Jailhouse Rock" production number. 


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