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Girls! Girls! Girls!



Shooting began April 9, 1962 and completed mid-May, 1962

Opened nationally November 21, 1962

World premiere in Honolulu October 31, 1962

Character:  Ross Carpenter

Producer: Hal B. Wallis

Director: Norman Taurog



Ross Carpenter is a carefree bachelor who works as a charter boat captain and moonlights as a nightclub singer in order to buy a sailboat that once belonged to his father. Wealthy Laurel Dodge falls in love with Ross and secretly buys the sailboat for him. When Ross finds out about who purchased the boat, his pride is hurt and he sails off by himself. Laurel soon follows, asking Wesley Johnson, who she bought the boat from, to pilot the boat for her. He makes advances towards her and when Ross finds out that she has sailed with Wesley he sets out to rescue her, all the while realizing that he loves her. Ross asks her to sell the boat back to Wesley so that he can feel free to marry her and build a new boat.



"Girls! Girls! Girls!"-Sung over the opening credits and later on a fishing boat.

"I Don't Wanna Be Tied"-Sung in the Pirates Den Club.

"We'll Be Together"-Sung at an anniversary party for Papa and Mama Stavros.

"A Boy Like Me, a Girl Like You"-Sung to Laurel Goodwin aboard the Westwind.

"Earth Boy"=Sung at Kin Yung's home with the Tiu sisters.

"Return to Sender"-Sung in the Pirates Den Club.

"Because of Love"-Sung in the Pirates Den Club.

"Thanks to the Rolling Sea"-Sung on a tuna boat as the crewmen were pulling in their nets.

"Song of the Shrimp"-Sung aboard a tuna boat.

"The Walls Have Ears"=Sung in Laurel's apartment.

"We're Coming in Loaded"-Sung on a tuna boat.

"Dainty Little Moonbeams"-Sung at Paradise Cove while the Tiu sisters danced. The song only lasts fifty seconds and leads into "Girls! Girls! Girls!" (second version).

"Girls! Girls! Girls!" (second version)-Sung at Paradise Cove at end of film.

Elvis recorded "Plantation Rock," "Potpourri," "Mama," and "I Don't Want To" for the film, but none were used. Stella Stevens soloed on "Never Let Me Go," "The Nearness of You," and "Baby, Baby, Baby." "Mama" was sung by the Four Amigos.



Ross Carpenter - Elvis Presley

Robin Gantner - Stella Stevens

Wesley Johnson - Jeremy Slate

Laurel Dodge - Laurel Goodwin

Kin Yung - Benson Fong

Sam - Robert Strauss

Chen Yung - Guy Lee

Papa Stavros - Frank Puglia

Mama Stavros - Lili Valenty

Madam Yung - Beulah Quo

Mai Ling - Ginny Tiu

Tai Ling - Elizabeth Tiu

Mai Ling's Brother - Alexander Tiu

Mr. Peabody - Gavin Gordon

Drunk - Kenneth Becker

Clerk - Richard Collier

Mr. Morgan - Nestor Paiva

Mrs. Morgan - Ann McCrea

Mrs. Dick - Marjorie Bennett

Crew Members on Tuna Boat - Alexander T. Didio, Wilfred Watanabe, Stanley White

Bongo Playing Crewman on Tuna Boat - Red West

Cigarette Girl - Pamela Duncan

Woman in Hat Shop - June Jocelyn

Leona Stavros - Barbara Beall

Linda Stavros - Betty Beall

Guest - Frank Atienza

Hostess - Anna Wai Hong Lin

Mr. Dodge - Rolf MacAlister

Village Woman - Linda Rand 

Man on Dock - Edward Sheehan

Fluffy Girl - Masako Yoshimoto

Skipper of Tuna Boat - Richard H. Fairservice


Production Notes:

Two of the original titles were A Girl in Every Port and Welcome Aboard. A few months before filming began, Gumbo Ya-Ya was selected at the working title, but was changed to Girls! Girls! Girls! in March 1962.

The Bumble Bee Tuna Company plant near Waikiki Beach was used as a location for the film. Another location was the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

While filming in Hawaii, Elvis stayed at the Hawaiian Village Hotel on Oahu.

Elvis' arrival in Hawaii caused quite a ruckus. He was mobbed by thousands of fans and was lucky enough to get away with losing only his diamond ring, his tie clip and a watch.

As promotional suggestions to those theaters who ran the film during the football season, it was recommended that a cheering squad from local high schools be used to draw attention for the film. This squad should perform the cheer, "Rah! Rah! Rah! Girls! Girls! Girls!" either in front of the theater or on a football field. Another suggestion was to use triplets or three girls who were of similar height and appearance to parade in front of the theater with signs reading, "Girls! Girls! Girls! Starring Elvis Presley." Fortunately, Elvis' following was so great that these measures were not necessary to pack the local theaters.

According to the 1977 TV Guide article, Girls! Girls! Girls! was the tenth most-shown film on television.

Girls! Girls! Girls! reached #6 on Variety's list of top-grossing films. Although released in late November, it still grossed $2.6 million by year's end and was ranked #31  of all films released in 1962.


Ross Carpenter's charter fishing boat was called Kingfisher.

The Westwind was the boat built by Ross Carpenter and his father. When his father died, Mr. Stavros bought the Westwind and let Ross live on it. Because of health reasons, Stavros had to sell his boats, including the Westwind. Wesley Johnson bought it for $6,000.

Robin's pet name for Ross was Sir Galahad.

Red West could be seen playing the bongs on the tuna boat during "Song of the Shrimp."

In addition to the Kingfisher, Ross Carpenter also skippered the Kilohana during some of his tuna runs. Call letters of the Kilohana were WY 2768.

Laural bought the Westwind from Wesley Johnson for $10,000. she had planned to give it to Ross, but he made her sell it back to Johnson.


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