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Girl Happy



Shooting began June 22, 1964 and completed July 31, 1964

Opened nationally on April 14. 1965

Character:  Rusty Wells

Producer: Joe Pasternak

Director: Boris Sagal



Elvis stars as a struggling pop singer named Rusty Wells, whose musical combo works for a tough Chicago nightclub owner named Big Frank. Big Frank is very protective of his daughter Valerie, who insist on spending her Easter Vacation in sunny Ft. Lauderdale. Frank sends Rusty and his friends to Florida to keep an eye on Valerie without her knowing about it. Rusty attempts to pursue a few college coeds of his own, but he is constantly interrupted by the need to rescue Valerie from her exploits.  Naturally, Valerie falls in love with Rusty.



"Girl Happy"-Sung over the opening and closing credits.

"Spring Fever"-Sung while driving to Fort Lauderdale in a red convertible with Gary Crosby, Jimmy Hawkins, and Joby Baker. They and Shelly Fabares and her friends (in another car) join in the singing.

"Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce"-Sung to Shelley Fabares at poolside, and then to other girls at poolside.

"Startin' Tonight"-Sung in the Sandbar Club.

"Wolf Call"-Sung in the Sandbar Club.

"Do Not Disturb"-Sung to Mary Ann Mobley in Elvis's motel room.

"Cross My Heart and Hope to Die"-Sung to Mary Ann Mobley in the woods.

"The Meanest Girl in Town"-Sung in the Sandbar Club.

""Do the Clam"-Sung at a nighttime beach party.

"Puppet on a String"-Sung to Shelley Fabares while walking her back to her motel room and later on a sailboat.

"I've Got to Find My Baby"-Sung at the Sandbar Club. 

Nita Talbot and Shelley Fabares sang "Read All About It" (also known as "Good News")



Rusty Wells - Elvis Presley

Valerie Frank - Shelley Fabares

Mr. Frank - Harold J. Stone

Andy - Gary Crosby

Wilbur - Joby Baker

Sunny Daze - Nita Talbot

Deena Shepherd - Mary Ann Mobley

Romano - Fabrizio Mioni

Sergeant Benson - Jackie Coogan

Doc - Jimmy Hawkins

Brentwood Von Durgenfeld - Peter Brooks

Mr. Penchill, Seadrift Motel Manager - John Fiedler

Betsy - Chris Noel

Laurie - Lyn Edgington

Nancy - Gale Gilmore

Bobbie - Pamela Curran

Linda - Rusty Allen

Wolf Call O'Brien - Norman Grabowski

Bartender - Mike De Anda

Waiter - Alan Hanley

Waiter - Olan Soule

Louey - Tommy Farrell

Buxom Blonde on Beach - Nancy Czar

Driver - Darren Dublin

Charlie - Dan Haggerty

Officer Wilkins - Richard J. Reeves

Officer Jones - Ralph Lee

Boy - Hank Jones

Girl - Theresa Cooper

Police Captain - Milton Frome

1st Girl - Julie Payne

2nd Girl - Beverly Adams

3rd Girl - Stassa Damascus

Muscle Boy - Jim Dawson

Garbage Man - Ted Fish

Extra in Kit Kat Club - Red West


Production Notes

Some locations were shot in Fort Lauderdale, FL and interiors shot at MGM's Culver City lot.

During a film break on the MGM lot, Elvis was awarded a Gold Record from South Africa for "Kiss Me Quick"

Advertising lines for the film billed--"What Happens during Easter Vacation at the Beach?" and "See How Youth Reacts When the Gates Are Opened."

Girl Happy ranked #25 on Variety's list of top-grossing films for the year 1965, earning $3.1 million.


The 77 Club was the Chicago nightclub owned by Big Frank, where Rusty Wells and his combo played.

The Seadrift Motel was the Fort Lauderdale motel where Rusty Wells and his combo stayed. Valerie Frank and her two friends, Betsy and Laurie, were also registered guests there.

Valerie was a music major in college.

The Sandbar Club was a Fort Lauderdale nightclub where Rusty Wells and his combo played.

Romano's boat was anchored at the Coral Pier.

Whenever Valerie and Romero were together, the song "Santa Lucia" could be heard on the soundtrack.

Romano, an Italian exchange student, was member of royalty, since his grandfather had married a Spanish princess.

Valerie's roommates, Betsy and Laurie, were going with guys from Cornell and Purdue, respectively.

Mr. Penchill's rule at the Seadrift Motel was called Article 3, Subparagraph B: "Thou shalt not have boys in the room."

Whenever Andy, Wilbur, and Doc wee together, the song "Three Blind Mice" could be heard on the soundtrack.

J & P Electric Company was the owner of the searchlight used by Rusty Wells to scout the beach for Valerie.

The Kit Kat Club was the club in Fort Lauderdale where stripper Sunny Daze performed. It was at the Kit Kat Club that a fight broke out, causing the arrest of forty-six individuals, (twenty girls and twenty-six boys).

In reference to Rusty's growing attachment to Valerie, Andy said, "The King is dead!"

Valerie called Andy, Wilbur and Doc the Mouseketeers when she was them walking out of the police station.


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