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Flaming Star



Shooting began August 16, 1960 and completed on October 4, 1960

Premiered December 20,1960 in Los Angeles

Opened Nationally on December 21, 1960

Character:  Pacer Burton

Producer: David Weisbart

Director: Don Siegel



Elvis' role in Flaming Star is a much more dramatical role. This movie tells the story of Native American racial intolerance in the Old West. Pacer Burton is the son of a white man and Kiowa mother who have lived without racial tension for many years, until the members of the Kiowa tribe massacre's the Burtons and their neighbors. Pacer becomes divided between his family loyalties and his tribal roots. When white settlers murder his mother, Pacer decides to join the Kiowa tribe. He finds himself confused and is unable to find peace with his Kiowa heritage nor his white heritage. This is compounded when his finds out about his father's death and his seriously wounded brother. He abandons the Kiowas to rescue his brother. He sends his brother back to town and prepares to battle with the Indians. The next morning Pacer returns to his brother wounded, to bid farewell because he has seen the flaming star of death and knows he must ride into the mountains to die.



"Flaming Star"-Sung over the opening credits.

"A Cane and a High Starched Collar"-Sung in the Burton's cabin during the first few minutes of the film.

"Britches" and "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" were both cut from the film.



Pacer Burton - Elvis Presley

Clint Burton - Steve Forrest

Roslyn Pierce - Barbara Eden

Neddy Burton - Delores Del Rio

Sam Burton - John McIntire

Buffalo Horn - Rudolph Acosta

Dred Pierce - Karl Swenson

Doc Phillips - Ford Rainey

Angus Pierce - Richard Jaeckel

Dorothy Howard - Anne Benton

Tom Howard - L. Q. Jones

Will Howard - Douglas Dick

Jute - Tome Reese

PhSha Knay - Marian Goldina

Ben Ford - Monte Burkhart

Mr. Hornsby - Ted Jacques

Indian Brave - Rodd Redwing

Two Moons - Perry Lopez

Matt Holcom - Roy Jenson

Posseman - Bob Folkerson

1st Man at Crossing - Tom Fadden

2nd Man at Crossing - Griswold Green

3rd Man at Crossing - Tom Allen

4th Man at Crossing - Guy Way

5th Man at Crossing - Joe Brooks

6th Man at Crossing - William Herrin

Dottie Phillips - Barbara Beaird

Mrs. Phillips - Virginia Christine

Driver - Bob Adler

1st Brave - Lon Ballentyne

2nd Brave - Pat Hogan

3rd Brave - Foster Hood

Bird's Wing - Sharon Bercutt

Indian Chief - Larry Chance

Brave - Henry Anargo

Indian - Ray Beltram

Indian - Red West

Bit - Charles Horvath


Production Notes:

Most of the film was filmed on three ranches in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, including the 8,000 acre Conejo Movie Ranch outside of Thousand Oaks, CA. Interiors were shot  on Stage 14 at Twentieth Century-Fox.

There were numerous title changes before the film actually made it to the wide screen. Some of the titles were Flaming Lance, Flaming Heart, Black Star, Black Heart, and then finally Flaming Star.

Flaming Star was banned in South Africa because of strict racial laws. The film depicted Elvis as a half-breed son of a white father and an Indian mother.

Red West played the part of an Indian and while fighting with Elvis broke his arm.

"Britches," one of the songs cut from the film was originally sung while Elvis and Steve Forrest were riding together on horseback talking about Barbara Eden's character, Roslyn Pierce. Elvis referred to her as a gal who wore britches.

During filming Elvis suffered a fall from a runaway horse, however he was not injured.

Flaming Star reached #12 on Variety's weekly list of top-grossing films.


"Flaming Star" referred to the vision some Indians claimed to see as a sign of impending death.

Neddy Burton belonged to the Kiowa Indian tribe.

Lame Crow, the old man of the Kiowas, was Neddy's uncle.

The Kiowas had a name for Neddy Burton that meant "the thin woman who deserted her own people."

Neddy Burton's favorite Bible verse was Genesis 3:20, "And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living."

Sam Burton gave Neddy's father a shotgun and a pound of black powder for her.


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