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Here are some wonderful books, videos, and CD's on Elvis! I've done the search and found all of these books currently available at Amazon.com! I've made it even easier for you to check out the selling prices as well as reviews, (where available). Just Click on the titles and it will take you right to the pages which give information about the following titles. Be sure and mention that you found them here first! You can also follow the links at the bottom of this page to research their availability of Elvis related materials as well. Shop around and see what you can find, if you don't like what I have recommended here, go to the appropriate sites I have below and see what else you can find!

Each title I have found at 2 locations. The first title will link you to the Amazon site, and the second will link you to Barnes and Noble. Feel free to click each link to shop for the better price


lasttrain.jpg (22703 bytes)   - by Peter Guralnick -  The first of two parts in the biography of Elvis Presley. This book gives us insight of the early aspects of Elvis' career from the beginning and covers his career through the day he leaves for the Army. Wonderfully written!

Last Train To Memphis-The Rise of Elvis Presley

Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley

careless.jpg (20869 bytes)Careless Love-The  Unmaking of Elvis Presley - by Peter Guralnick - The second of the two part biography detailing Elvis' career and personal life. This book picks up from the beginning of his military career. We follow him through the meeting of Priscilla, more B-movies, the '68 special comeback show and his Vegas concert years. Then we follow his gruesome concert touring and finally end on the last days before his death on August 16, 1977. I'm sure this book will leave you astounded.

Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley

Dear Elvis: Graffiti From Graceland  - by Daniel Wright - From the very beginning of the famed wall surrounding Graceland, Elvis fans have left their mark. This book highlights many of those messages left behind by the ones who loved him most, his fans. This book takes a look at the writings, drawings and signatures the fans leave behind following their visits to Graceland. There are also many quotations, a chapter on Graceland history and many photos and trivia questions.


elvisfaith.jpg (6916 bytes)E: Reflections on the Birth of The Elvis Faith - by John Strausbaugh - the author utilizes his writings in an effort to reflect comparisons to Elvis followers and the histories of religions. His work recognizes that much as devoted Elvis fans do not consider this adoration for him as religious, so to speak, nor did the Christians think themselves religious. The comparison may not appeal to some Elvis fans but he works hard at helping the non-fans learn more about what the Elvis fandom is all about.

The Elvis Encyclopedia - by David E Stanley, Frank Coffey, Lamar Fike - these authors work together to chronicle Elvis' life well in this one. They've included many of their own favorite stories and memories and it is loaded with photos, letters and other documents relating to the life with the King. There is a section which identifies those persons closest to him and how they are acquainted. The give a discography, movie facts and much more. Like Elvis trivia, try the back of the book for some great info.


gracehome.jpg (38174 bytes)Graceland: Going Home With Elvis - by Karal Ann Marling - Explores the culture behind Elvis and depicts Elvis as near losing his roots. Although he had many homes on the road, he always looked forward to returning to Graceland. He enjoyed sharing his home as well. Karal explores  for us what Elvis found in himself in terms of his domiciles.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To Elvis: An A to Z of the Elvis Universe  - by Mick Farren - Take the journey through anything and everything related to Elvis. With over 340 entries, I'm sure there is something for everyone.

idiots.jpg (35146 bytes)The Complete Idiot's Guide to Elvis  - by Frank Coffey -  Are you new to the Elvis fandom? Want to know all there is to know in a short time? Get this book. Lean about his music, films, collectibles, and "cults." You can find information about his family, his rise to fame, as well as lots of funny quotes. 

impersonate.jpg (24914 bytes) Impersonating Elvis - by Leslie Rubinkowski - Focus' entirely on Elvis Impersonators. The research is complied of some 1500 working Elvises as well as those who put on the shows and the fans who pay to see them. She follows the progress all the way to Elvis Presley Impersonators International Association and Memphis' Image of Elvis Contests.

travel.jpg (33891 bytes)Travels With Elvis: A Guide Across America To All The Places Where the King Lived, Loved, and Laughed  - by Jack Barth - Visit the places Elvis ate, sang, and slept. Also includes all the hottest tourist spots related to him. If you're looking for a fan club in your area, try looking in the pages of this book.

letters.jpg (24174 bytes)Letters To Elvis: Real Fan Letters Written by his Faithful Fans - by P. K. McLemore - Hundreds of fans have written their personal thoughts and devotions to Elvis. Read them in this book. Learn about the love his fans have for him.

lifemusic.jpg (34312 bytes)Elvis Presley: A Life In Music: The Complete Recording Sessions - by Ernst Jorgenson, Peter Guralnick - From the Publisher Ernst Jorgensen has made a lifelong study of Presley, and as the director of RCA's Elvis recordings catalog for the past decade he has been granted exclusive, unlimited access to the label's tape vaults and archives. With Elvis Presley: A Life in Music Jorgensen puts us in the studio for every single session of Elvis's twenty-four-year career, from the first acetate he cut as an eighteen-year-old truck driver in 1953 to the series of concerts recorded just before his death in 1977. At the heart of the book is an unparalleled collection of data on the recordings themselves: From complete musician rosters to master-take information, this collection sets a new standard for recording-session guides. Behind such statistics, though, is the story of Elvis Presley the recording artist - master synthesist, driven perfectionist, a one-man industry brought down by the very system built to support him. In a narrative rich with anecdote and insight, Jorgensen reveals how this ambitious singer worked tirelessly to create the sounds he heard in his own mind - and how, even when business or personal trials overwhelmed him, the music was always at the center of his life.

Elvis Presley: A Life in Music: The Complete Recording Sessions

essential2.jpg (29000 bytes)The Essential Elvis: The Life and Legacy of the King as Revealed Through Personal History and 112 of his Most Significant Songs - by Samuel Roy and Tom Aspell - From the Publisher - The essential Elvis is the story of the king of rock n' roll and his effect on music through an analysis of 122 essential performances that define his career. This book also contains personal interviews with many of those who were closest to Elvis.

The Essential Elvis: The Life and Legacy of the King as Revealed through 112 of His Most Significant Songs

essentiallife.jpg (42263 bytes) Elvis-His Life in Pictures - by Jeffrey Golick and Todd Morgan - A picture portfolio of Elvis' entire life. It includes many of his possessions, costumes, and Graceland.

images.jpg (31596 bytes)Images of Elvis Presley In American Culture 1977-1997:The Mystery Terrain - by George Plasketes - Defines the phenomenon behind Elvis Presley since his death. It also includes a comprehensive videography as well.

Images of Elvis Presley in American Culture, 1977-1997: The Mystery Terrain

essential.jpg (29693 bytes)Essential Elvis - by Peter Silverton - 

downlonelystreet.jpg (31061 bytes)Down At The End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley - by Pat H. Broeske and Peter Harry Brown Through interviews from those closest to Elvis - this book chronicles Elvis' life from poverty to fame. An up close and personal look at the man and what his fame led to...the secrets revealed.

Down at the End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley

ep56.jpg (5944 bytes)Elvis Presley-1956 - by Marvin Israel, Martin Harrison - Contains never-before-seen photos of the young, upcoming star. Focusing on the year 1956. Follow Elvis in pictures while performing backstage and the new home he bought for his parents.

Elvis Presley 1956

daybyday.jpg (5032 bytes)Elvis Day By Day - Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen - takes you through the life of Elvis chronically by dates significant to the King. Find out about such items as the date Elvis got his first library card, and the meeting with President Nixon and much more.

Elvis Day by Day: The Definitive Record of His Life and Music

unknownstories.jpg (4522 bytes)Unknown Stories Behind the Legend - by Jim Curtin and  Renata Ginter -

Elvis: Unknown Stories behind the Legend

christmaswithelvis.gif (7055 bytes)Christmas With Elvis - by Jim Curtin and Renata Ginter - Over 600 photos in the book all focusing on Elvis at Christmas time. See pictures of rare Christmas collectibles.

Christmas with Elvis

guernsey.jpg (8599 bytes)Elvis Presley: The Official Auction Featuring Items from the Archives of Graceland - Guernsey's - Complete pictorial and information relating to all the items put up for auction in October 1999.

Elvis Presley: The Official Auction Catalogue

elvisreader.JPG (103955 bytes)The Elvis Reader : Texts and Sources on the King of Rock 'N' Roll - by Kevin Quain - A collection of some of the greatest authors in the American literary tradition writing on Elvis the Myth, Elvis the Metaphysical, Elvis the Southerner, and Elvis the King. 

concise.gif (69138 bytes)The Concise Elvis Presley - what every fan needs to read.

The Concise Elvis Presley

factodessy.jpg (18023 bytes)Elvis, the Early Years : A 2001 Fact Odyssey (2001 Fact Odyssey Series) - by Jim Curtin, Renata Ginter - Jam packed with facts and trivia about Elvis. Also filled with photos and details a family tree.

Elvis, the Early Years: A 2001 Fact Odyssey

quiz.gif (134391 bytes)The Ultimate Elvis Quiz Book : What Do You Know About the King of Rock & Roll? - by W. Kent Moore, David Logan Scott - Great book! Loaded with puzzles and games all related to the King of Rock 'n Roll!

elyou.jpg (52879 bytes)Elvis & You : Your Guide to the Pleasures of Being an Elvis Fan - by Laura Victoria Levin, John O'Hara - Are you a new fan? How about a true fan? Well this book helps all fans, new and true, learn all aspects of Elvis fandom, including Elvis events and resources.

Elvis and You: Your Guide to the Pleasures of Being an Elvis Fan

beelvis.jpg (6267 bytes)Be Elvis! A Guide to Impersonating the King - by Rick Marino - written by someone who has performed as Elvis himself, this book details all that one needs to know about Impersonating Elvis.

Be Elvis!: A Guide to Impersonating the King

twilightmemory.gif (44212 bytes)Elvis : In the Twilight of Memory - by June Juanico, Peter Guralnick -Details the story of the romance between Elvis and June Juanico.

Elvis: In the Twilight of Memory

killmetender.jpg (45262 bytes)Kill Me Tender: A Murder Mystery Featuring The Singing Sleuth Elvis Presley - Daniel M. Klein -

Kill Me Tender: A Murder Mystery Featuring Elvis Presley

iventory.jpg (43673 bytes)The Inventory of the Estate of Elvis Presley - Richard Singer - This book is filled with the documented facts surrounding the contents of the Presley Estate upon his death. Find out about the property assets, artist royalty rights, stock holdings and security transactions. It also gives a detailed list of his personal property as well including his cars, trophies, furniture, awards, paintings, his gun collection and more.

Elvis Presley Estate Inventory Book

beyondgates.jpg (63756 bytes)Elvis Memories, Beyond the Gates of Graceland - Mary Jenkins - Written by his personal cook for many years, this book details the true insiders perspective surrounding his life including who he was as a husband, father and friend. 

elviselviselvis.jpg (51682 bytes)Elvis! Elvis! Elvis : The King and His Movies - by Peter Guttmacher - Focuses on Elvis entire movie career loaded with illustrations including posters, film stills and candid behind the scenes photos. Also included are full descriptions about each movie, quotes from some his co-stars, excerpts from some critics reviews, stories about some of his affairs with his leading ladies, and it includes a CD with 15 of his greatest recordings.

elvissearch.jpg (91718 bytes)Elvis' Search for God - by Jess Stearn, Larry Geller Author Jess Stearn tells of the mystical Elvis...Based on the remembrances of Larry Geller, there are some very surprising, even shocking, revelations in ELVIS' SEARCH FOR GOD, such as Elvis' UFO sighting and his vision of Christ. Though it may seem that every nuance of the life of Elvis Presley (1935-1977) has been scrutinized and analyzed for public consumption, there is still much we can learn about the King. And Jess Stearn, known for his bestselling books on Edgar Cayce, yoga, and metaphysics, is just the writer to help us learn it.

Elvis' Search for God

The Boy Who Would Be King: An Intimate Portrait of Elvis Presley by His Cousin - Earl Greenwood Kathleen Tracy - From the Publisher - Until now, Elvis Presley's family history and early years have remained largely unexplored. In The Boy Who Would Be King, Earl Greenwood probes the life and legends of Elvis from a unique perspective. As Elvis' cousin, he grew up alongside the young performer, later acting as press agent and confidant. Greenwood reveals personal insights and shared family secrets to paint a stunningly intimate and candid portrait of Elvis Presley from his boyhood in rural Tupelo, Mississippi, through his skyrocketing success and tragic death. Here are fascinating details and anecdotes known only to an intimate family member...Elvis' wildest dreams...his secret Hollywood romances...his most desperate struggles...his incredible life. This compelling biography gives another, different, more honest, more loving look at the boy who became the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

The Boy Who Would Be King: An Intimate Portrait of Elvis Presley by His Cousin

Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit - Carole Nelson Nelson Douglas - From the Publisher - In Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit, Midnight Louie, the jet-black feline sleuth who thinks he's Sam Spade with hairballs, finds some suspicious jumpsuit-wearing Kings of Rock 'N' Roll wreaking havoc in his hometown of Las Vegas.. "It all begins when Midnight Louie's longtime human partner, public-relations woman Temple Barr, learns something strange about one of her accounts. It seems that ghost sightings are holding up the remodeling of the Crystal Phoenix hotel. But that's not the strange part - what's strange is that the workmen swear the ghost is none other than the (supposedly) deceased King of Rock 'N' Roll, Elvis Presley. Could the ghost be just an uninvited visitor from the Kingdome, a nearby Elvis-themed attraction - or is he a more otherwordly visitor?. "Meanwhile, the daughter of Temple's professional enemy, a lovely seventeen-year-old who bears a striking resemblance to Priscilla Presley, is in trouble. A series of death threats culminates in a razor-tattoo attack, leaving her with the letter "E" carved into her neck. And Temple's neighbor and former suitor Matt Devine has been receiving some unusual calls to his midnight radio hotline: the caller has a thick Memphis accent and sounds remarkably like...well, guess who.

Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit

Double Trouble: Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley in a Land of No Alternatives - Greil Marcus - From the Publisher - In June of 1992, when all polls showed Bill Clinton didn't have a chance, he took his saxophone onto the Arsenio Hall Show, put on dark glasses, and blew "Heartbreak Hotel." Greil Marcus, one of America's most imaginative and insightful critics, was the first to name this as the moment that
turned Clinton's campaign around-and to make sense of why. In Double Trouble, drawing on pieces he published from 1992 to 2000, Marcus explores the remarkable and illuminating kinship between Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley. In a cultural landscape where ideals and choices are increasingly compromised and commodified, the constantly mutating representations of Clinton and Elvis embody the American struggle over purity and corruption, fear and desire. Focusing as well on Hillary Clinton, Nirvana, Sinéad O'Connor, Andy Warhol, Roger Clinton, and especially Bob Dylan, Marcus pursues the question of how culture is made and how, through culture, people remake themselves. The result is a unique and essential book about the final decade of the twentieth century. Greil Marcus is the author of Invisible Republic, Dead Elvis, Lipstick Traces, and Mystery Train. His pieces have appeared in a wide range of
publications, including Artforum, Interview, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Esquire. He will be teaching at Princeton and Berkeley in fall 2000.

Double Trouble

Elvis in the Morning - William F. Buckley - From the Publisher - "Orson is a schoolboy in Germany whose American mother works at a U.S. Army base in the 1950s. There he becomes a fan of a G.I. stationed nearby, a soldier whose music captivates Orson, as it has so much of America: Elvis Presley. Orson is caught in the PX stealing records of Elvis's music, and the military court mock-seriously sentences him to a month without Elvis music. The publicity catches the young star's attention, and Elvis goes to visit his deprived young fan and then sings for him. That is the beginning of a lifelong friendship." "Against the backdrop of the turbulent 1960s, Elvis's career rockets ever higher, and he becomes the icon of the nation while Orson, in college in America,
joins the student protesters and then goes on the road, searching for something to believe in. Each man is an emblem of his time, as social conventions fall and the cultural landscape changes forever."

Elvis in the Morning

Elvis Presley - Leeza Gibbons and Tony Gentry - From the Publisher - Since the mid-1950s, when rock 'n' roll era was born, thousands of stars have been worshiped by millions of fans. Yet the title king of rock 'n' roll belongs to just one man: Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Boulevard: From Sea to Shining Sea - Mark Winegardner - Annotation - Good-natured, adventuresome and a natural tourist, Mark Winegardner is the ideal guide for the trip we've all wanted to take into the country that confound s its admirers and delights even its critics. 

Elvis Presley Boulevard

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