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Easy Come, Easy Go



Shooting began September 12,  1966 and completed in late October

Opened nationally  March 22, 1967

Character:  Ted Jackson

Producer: Hal B. Wallis

Director: John Rich



Navy frogman Ted Jackson, is about to be discharged from the Navy. On one of his last dives, Ted discovers a treasure chest on a sunken ship. Captain Jack, a local expert on nautical lore, is unable to tell Ted the exact treasure or cargo of the ship. But Captain Jack does reveal the name of the only descendant of the ship's captain. Ted tracks her down. Her name is Jo Symington and she believes the chest contains pieces-of-eight. She agrees to help Ted if the money is given to the community arts center. Their attempts to retrieve the treasure are impeded by scoundrels Gil and Dina. Gil and Dina steal Ted's equipment and kidnap Captain Jack, but Ted tracks them down and rescues Jack. When Ted opens the chest, he discovers the coins are copper, not gold. Ted donates the money for a down payment on a new arts center, winning Jo in the process.



"Easy Come, Easy Go"-Sung over the opening credits.

"The Love Machine"-Sung on stage at the Easy Go-Go.

"You Gotta Stop"-Sung in the Easy Go-Go.

"Yoga Is As Yoga Does"-Sung in a duet with Elsa Lanchester during a yoga class at Jo Symington's house.

"Sing, You Children"-Sung at Jo Symington's Party.

"I'll Take Love"-Sung in the Easy Go-Go.

"She's a Machine" and "Leave My Woman Alone" were recorded for the film but not used. Two instrumentals "Freak Out" and "Go-Go-Jo" were played.



Ted Jackson - Elvis Presley

Jo Symington - Dodie Marshall

Dina Bishop - Pat Priest

Judd Whitman - Pat Harrington, Jr.

Gil Carey - Skip Ward

Madame Neherina - Elsa Lanchester

Captain Jack - Frank McHugh

Lt. Marty Schwartz - Sandy Kenyon

Cooper - Ed Griffith

Lieutenant Tompkins - Reed Morgan

Lieutenant Whitehead - Mickey Elley

Vicki - Elaine Beckett

Mary - Shari Nims

Zoltan - Kiki Lerner

Tanya - Kay York

Artist - Robert Isenberg

Naval Officer - Tom Hatten

Coin Dealer - Jonathan Hole


Production Notes:

Some of the preliminary titles for Easy Come, Easy Go were Port of Call, A Girl in Every Port, Nice and Easy, and Easy Does It.

Easy Come, Easy Go earned 1.95 million in 1967. It ranked #50 on Variety's list of top-grossing films of the year.


The Love Machine is a spinning wheel owned by Judd Whitman that contained photos of several girls (as well as their measurements and telephone numbers). Me would spin the wheel and call the girl whose picture came up for a date.

The number on the side of the ship on which Lieutenant Ted Jackson was stationed was number 489.

Rocky Point is the area near which Lieutenant Jackson defused an old underwater mine. 

Captain Jack was Captain of the Good Ship Lollipop on a Saturday morning children's TV show. (The show was sponsored by Zelda's Cornmeal Mush.) Captain Jack owned Captain Jack's Marine Equipment, form which Ted rented the equipment he used in his salvage operation. The store's motto was "If It's Marine, We Have It."

Jo Symington lived in a big house near the end of Silver Canyon.

Port of Call is the ship that sank around 1900 near Rocky Point while carrying a cargo of coffee and a chest of pieces of eight. The Port of Call was captained by Jo Symington's grandfather.

Easy Go-Go is the club owned by Judd Whitman at which Ted Jackson sang.

SIB-912 is the License number of Ted Jackson's red convertible. The car was transformed by Zoltan into a pop art piece called "Over the Underpass."

Dina Bishop wrote "Finders Keepers, Lover" on a photo of the sunken Port of Call and left the photo on Ted's boat.

After recovering the treasure, Dina and Gil were going to travel to Istanbul, Turkey.

The value of the 13,000 pieces of eight recovered from the Port of Call was 30 cents. The coins were made of copper instead of gold.


Ted Jackson runs into Dina Bishop at the Easy Go-Go, and she offers to buy him a drink. While they are chatting at the table, Dina's boyfriend, Gil Carey, shows up and threatens to start a fight with Ted. Jo Symington sees the trouble brewing, so she pulls Ted onto the floor for a dance, then asks him to take her home. Pay close attention to the orange-red top that Jo wears in the scene. The very next scene, when Ted pulls his car up to Jo's house and helps her out, she is suddenly wearing a white top, white slacks, and a black and white striped jacket.

During the underwater scene, Ted and Gil fight over the sunken chest from the Port of Call. Ted fills Gil's wet suit with air, and the scoundrel floats to the surface. In no time at all, Ted brings the chest topside. You might find it amazing that Gil has reached Dina's boat, shed his wet suit, and changed into dry clothes, and dried and styled his hair.

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