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Double Trouble



Shooting began June 11, 1966 and completed the first week in September 1966

Opened nationally April 5, 1967

Character:  Guy Lambert

Producers: Judd Bernard and Irwin Winkler

Director: Norman Taurog



Guy Lambert is a pop singer who becomes involved with intrigue while playing the discotheque scene in London and Antwerp. Guy's problems begin when he meets heiress Jill Conway, who has a crush on the singer, whom her guardian disapproves. Jill leafs Guy through numerous adventures involving spies, counterspies, jewel thieves, and harebrained detectives. Eventually, Jill succeeds in casting her spell over Guy, and the two marry.



"Double Trouble"-Sung over the opening credits leading into Elvis's on stage act in a London nightclub.

"Baby, If You'll Give Me All Your Love"-Sung in a London nightclub.

"Could I Fall in Love"-Sung to Annette Day in Guy Lambert's (Elvis) apartment, in a duet with his own recording.

"Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)"-Sung on the deck of the ship Elvis and Annette Day take from London to Belgium.

"City By Night"-Sung in a nightclub in Bruges, Belgium.

"Old MacDonald"-Sung on the back of a pickup truck loaded with chickens.

"I Love Only One Girl"-Sung at a festival on the streets of Antwerp.

"There Is So Much World To See"-Sung to Annette Day in an Antwerp hotel room.

"It Won't Be Long" was recorded for Double Trouble, but was not used.



Guy Lambert - Elvis Presley

Jillian (Jill) Conway - Annette Day

Gerald Waverly - John Williams

Claire Dunham - Yvonne Roman

Harry, a Belgian Detective - Harry Wiere

Herbert, a Belgian Detective - Sylvester Wiere

Archie Brown - Chips Rafferty

Arthur Babcock - Norman Rossington

Georgie - Monty L Kandis

Mr. Morley - Michael Murphy

Inspector De Groote - Leon Askin

Iceman - John Alderson

Captain Roach - Stanley Adams

Frenchman - Maurice Marsac

Captain Roach's Mate - Walter Burke

Gerda - Helene Winston

The G-Men - Themselves 

Policemen - Murray Kamelhar, Ted Roter, Ralph Smiley

Flemish Clerk at Hotel Olympia - Monique Lemaire

Twins at London Nightclub - Marilyn Keymer, Melody Keymer

Child - Laurie Lambert

Seaman - Josh Harding

Masked Man - Hal Bokar

Moe - Robert Homel

Peddler - Luke Gerard

Customs Officer - Fank Mitchell

Discotheque Dancer - Jan Reddin

Watusi Dancer - Mary Hughes

Acrobats - Ray Saunders, Ted Dewayne, Bill Snyder, Rick Teagarden, Jack Teagardin, Audrey Saunders

Jugglers - Barry Cole, Danny Rees, Rodney Hoeltzel

Stiltwalker - Chester Hayes

Patron - Sheryl Ullman

Juggler - Bob Johnson

Sleepy Man - George Dee

Pirate - Robert Isenberg

Chicken Truck Driver - Bob Bergy

Bit - George Klein


Production Notes:

Although Double Trouble took place in Great Britain and Belgium, all scenes were actually filmed on MGM's Culver City lot.

The working title for Double Trouble was You're Killing Me.

While shooting the sequences aboard ship, which were actually filmed  on the MGM lot, sixteen extras got "seasick" and had to be replaced.

Elvis's cousin Billy Smith doubled for Annette Day in a scene.

Advertising billed Double Trouble as "Elvis takes mad mode Europe by song as he swings into a brand new adventure filled with dames, diamonds, discotheques, and danger!"

Double Trouble ranked #58 in Variety's list of top-grossing films of 1967. The film grossed $1.6 million that year.


Peca Record Co. is the record label on which Guy Lambert recorded the song "Could I Fall in Love." When Jill asked Guy to play a record, he put on his own recording and then proceeded to sing a duet with himself. "Could I Fall in Love" was their song.

When Jill asked Guy how many lumps he wanted in his tea, he responded, "Four hundred and eighteen- I couldn't care less."

Guy Lambert's backup group was called the G-Men.

In Antwerp, Guy and his group were to perform at the Olympia Theater.

Just before Guy sang "I Love Only One Girl", "London Bridge" could be heard on the film's soundtrack.

The SS Damocles was the ship Guy and Jill were going to take from Antww4rp to Stockholm. They were turned away because they didn't have a boarding pass. Later they took the SS Damocles on their honeymoon.

Guy Lambert's engagement in Belgium was in the city of Bruges.


In one scene, a Volkswagen drove into a Greyhound van. Since the scene took place in Belgium, this would not have been probable.

The killer lures Jill Conway to the old, abandoned well in Antwerp with the intention of causing her to fall to her death. Guy Lambert hears her screams and rushes in to confront her attacker. During the scuffle, Guy takes off his blue jacket in order to throw better punches. The battle continues and then ends with the killer himself falling to his death down the shaft of the well. Guy picks up his jacket, leaves with Jill, then does something perplexing. Once on the street, he rolls up the jacket and throws it in a trash can. Was he afraid someone would identify him as having worn the jacket? Did he mistakenly think it was the killer's jacket?

After Claire Dunham and Gerald Waverly are arrested, Guy pours himself a glass of wine. Jill takes the glass puts her arms around Guy and accidentally spills the wine on the back of Guys' red jacket. Viewers can clearly see the stain on his back. However, immediately afterwards, when Guy tussles with the detective from Scotland Yard, the back of Guy's jacket is dry.


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