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Shooting began Late March 1967 and completed April 27, 1967

Opened nationally  November 22,  1967

Character:  Scott Hayward

Producers: Arnold Laven, Arthur Gardner, and Jules Levy

Director: Arthur H. Nadel



Scott Heyward is the son of a Texas oil tycoon. While in Miami, Scott meets the penniless Tom Wilson, at a local snack bar. Determined to make it without his family's wealth, Scott persuades Tom to change places with him. Scott takes over as the new water-ski instructor at a swank hotel, while Tom lives it up masquerading as the so of a millionaire. James Jamison is a wealthy playboy who has won the Orange Bowl International Power Boat Regatta for three straight years. Scott sets out to defeat Jamison in the upcoming Regatta by teaming up with a local speedboat designer. The rivalry between Scott and Jamison is also steamed by their mutual interest of Dianne Carter, who claims to prefer Jamison because of his money. Scott reveals his true identity only after he wins the Regatta and the affections of Dianne



"Clambake"-Sung over the opening credits, during a clambake in mid-film, and over the closing credits.

"Who Needs Money"-Sung on  a motorcycle on the way to Miami Beach. The song was also sung by Will Hutchins while he traveled in a red convertible. (His voice was dubbed by Ray Walker of the Jordanaires.)

"A House That Has Everything"-Sung to Shelley Fabares on the beach.

"Confidence"-Sung on a playground to a group of children. The children and Will Hutchins join Elvis in singing.

"You Don't Know Me"-Sung in the ski shop.

"Hey, Hey, Hey"-Sung in the ski shop as Elvis, Will Hutchins, Gary Merrill, and several girls work to coat Burton's boat with protective "goop."

"The Girl I Never Loved"-Sung on the beach.

"How Can You Lose What You Never Had" was cut from the final print of the film.



Scott Hayward - Elvis Presley

Dianne Carter - Shelley Fabares

Tom Wilson - Will Hutchins

James J. Jamison III - Bill Bixby

Duster Hayward - James Gregory

Sam Burton - Gary Merrill

Sally - Suzie Kaye

Ellie - Amanda Harley

Gloria - Angelique Pettyjohn

Gigi - Olga Kaya

Olive - Arlene Charles

Mr. Hathaway - Jack Good

Hal, the Doorman - Hal Peary

Race Announcer - Sam Riddle

Cigarette Girl - Sue England

Lisa - Lisa Slagle

Bartender - Lee Kreiger

Crewman - Melvin Allen

Waiter - Herb Barnett

Bellhop - Steve Cory

Mr. Barasch - Robert Lieb

Waitress - Marj Dusay

Ice Cream Vendor - Red West

Mr. Hayward's Barber - Charlie Hodge

Bit - Frances Humphrey Howard

Bit - Joe Esposito

Bit - Richard Davis


Production Notes:

The title was originally To Big For .

Photography was scheduled to begin on March 10, 1967, but had to be delayed until the last week of March because Elvis fell in the bathroom and hit his head on the bathtub, suffering a severe concussion. 

All of Elvis's scenes were filmed in Los Angeles. A double was used for the Miami Beach scenes.

Actual race footage of the orange Bowl International Power Boat Regatta was incorporated into Clambake. The race took place in Miami's Marine Stadium.

Will Hutchins sang a duet with Elvis on "Who Needs Money," but the voice actually heard was that of Ray Walker of the Jordanaires.

Did you know that the dolphin who made a cameo appearance in  Clambake was Flipper? "Flipper" was actually a female dolphin named Susie who appeared in the television series Flipper.

The white suit used by Elvis in Clambake reportedly cost $10,000. It was this suit that was cut into small pieces and put into the four-record boxed set Elvis: The Other Sides-Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Vol. 2.

Filming for Clambake completed on April 27, 1967, just a few days before Elvis and Priscilla were to wed on May 1, 1967.


Heyward Oil Company is the name of the Petroleum firm owned by Scott Heywood's father, Duster. (Note: The producers never seemed to agree on the spelling of Scott's last name. In one of the early scenes, in which Scott and Tom stopped to get a sandwich, a service-station sign clearly read "Heyward Oil Company" At the end  of the film, when Scott's driver's license is shown, the spelling is Hayward. Some movie reference sources have the name as Heywood. The authors have chosen to go with the driver's license spelling After all, Scott wouldn't have lied to the DMV!)

Scott and Tom took suites at the Shores Hotel (with Tom staying in the Presidential Suite).

Scarlet Lady is the name of James Jamison's powerboat. The Scarlet Lady had the number D-3 on the side.

J. J. Special is the drink ordered by James Jamison III at the Shores Hotel bar. The drink was named after him.

Blooper: Elvis and Shelley Fabares sat around a fire on the beach at sunset in one scene. Since the ocean is eat of Miami Beach, the sun would have had to have been rising, not setting.

Red West played the ice cream vendor in the "Confidence" number. His one line was "Ice cream for everybody!"

Burton Boat Company was the firm owned by Sam Burton from which Scott Hayward obtained the boat that he entered in the Orange Bowl International Power Boat Regatta. The company was also known as Burton International.

Scott Hayward majored in engineering in college.

The hard protective coating developed by Scott Hayward while working at a research lab after graduating from college was called Goop. :"Goop" stood for glycol oxyoxynoic phosphate. The original coating deteriorated when it came in contact with water, but Scott refined it and used the substance to coat his race boat.

James Jamison III stayed in the Sultan Suite at the Shores Hotel.

The Orange Bowl International Power Boat Regatta is a boat race sponsored by the American Power Boat Association that Scott Hayward won. He received $10,000 plus the Governor's Trophy.  James Jamison III had won the race three years in a row.

Elvis didn't kiss Shelley Fabares until the final scene.


Mountains could be seen in the background. Obviously, those shots were taken in California, not Florida.

Scott Hayward and Dianne Carter share a romantic interlude at the Florida beach, and Scott sings "A House That Has Everything." Apparently the beach they chose had everything, including the sun setting in the east over the Atlantic Ocean, considering it was filmed in Los Angeles.

At the end of the film, Scott and Dianne drive from the hotel, discussing Scott's real identity, and making plans to get married. In the background are the beautiful mountains of Miami Beach?!

At the beginning of the film, Scott stops to get a sandwich, and the camera pans over the service station sign, which reads, "Heyward Oil Company." At the end of the film, when Scott shows his driver's license to Dianne, his surname is spelled "Hayward."


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