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Blue Hawaii



Shooting began  March 17, 1961 and completed April 17,1961

Opened nationally  November 22, 1961

Character: Chad Gates

Producer: Hal B. Wallis

Director: Norman Taurog



This film marked Elvis' most successful film. Elvis stars as Chad Gates, whose wealthy family owns a successful pineapple plantation in Hawaii. Upon his return from the Army, Chad's family is eager for him to join the family business, but Chad has other plans. He wants to open his own tourist agency someday. He lands a job as a tour guide in the tourist agency where his girlfriend works. This not only allows him to utilize his own knowledge of the islands most beautiful sites but also allows him his freedom to hang with his native Hawaiian buddies. Tensions mount as his mother objects to his job, girlfriend and his friends. Chad eventually discovers success in the tourist business and wins his families approval of his marrying his girlfriend Maile.



"Blue Hawaii"-Sung over the opening credits and incorporated instrumentally throughout the film.

"Almost Always True"-Sung to Joan Blackman in a care with car radio accompaniment.

"Aloha Oe"-Sung in a canoe.

"No More"-Sung on the beach with some Hawaiian friends.

"Can't Help Falling In Love"-Sung to Maile's grandmother after giving her a music box for her birthday.

"Rock-a-Hula Baby"-Sung at a party.

"Moonlight Swim"-Sung in a car while escorting Miss Prentice and her four students around Oahu.

"Ku-u-i-po"-Sung at a luau.

"Ito Eats"-Sung at a luau right after someone says, "Ito eats like teeth are going out of style!"

"Slicin' Sand"-Sung at a luau while putting out the campfire.

"Hawaiian Sunset"-Sung at the Island Inn.

"Beach Boy Blues"-Sung while in jail after a fight at the Island Inn.

"Island of Love (Kauai)"-Sung while guiding Miss Prentice and her four students around Kauai on horseback.

"Hawaiian Wedding Song"-Sung during the marriage ceremony at the end of the film.

"Steppin' Out of Line," "La Paloma," and "Playing with Fire" were cut from the film.



Chad Gates - Elvis Presley 

Maile Duval - Joan Blackman

Sarah Lee Gates - Angela Lansbury 

Fred Gates - Roland Winters     

Mr. Chapman - Howard McNear

Enid Garvey - Iris Adrian 

Ellie Corbett - Jennie Maxwell

Patsy Simon - Darlene Tompkins    

Carl Tanami -  Lani Kai 

Ito O'Hara - Frank Atienza 

Ping Pong, the Gates' Houseboy - Guy Lee

Lonnie, the Bartender - Clarence Edward Lung 

Lieutenant Gray, the Desk Sergeant - Mike Ross

Matron - Lillian Culver 

General Anthony - George Denormand

Specialty Dancers - Ngrua, Tani Marsh

Party Guest - Red West


Jack Kelman - John Archer

Miss Abigail Prentice - Nancy Walters

Tucker Garvey - Steve Brodie

Waihila - Hilo Hattie

Selena (Sandy) Emerson - Pamela Kirk

Beverly Martin - Christian Kay

Ernie Gordon - Jose Devega

Wes Moto - Ralph (Tiki) Hanalei

Paul Duval - Gregory Gay

Harmonic-playing Convict - Richard J. Reeves

Lawyer - Roger Clark

Bits - Sharon Lee Conners, Veronica Reed

Man at party - Thomas Glynn

Woman at Party - Kate-Ellen Murtagh

Waitress - Irene H. Mizushima

Mrs. Maneka, Maile's Grandmother - Flora K. Hayes

Bits - George Halas, Yolanda Hughes, Debra M. Kawamura, Robert M. Luck, Robert Kenui Pope, Bella Richards, Elsie Russell, Pat Tackenhall


Production Notes:

Some of the locations used on Oahu included Waikiki Beach, the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Honolulu International Airport, the jail at Honolulu's Police Department, the Punchbowl, Ala Moana Park, Hanauma Bay, Tantalus, and the Waiola Tea Room. Locations on Kauai included Kauai Airport, Anahola, Coco Palms Resort Hotel, Lydgate Park, and the Wailua River. Further filming took place at Paramount.

The film was based on the book Beach Boy written by Allan Weiss who was a Los Angeles newspaperman.

Blue Hawaii reached #2 on Variety's weekly list of top-grossing films. Because of a strong showing the last six weeks of 1961, it ranked #18 for the year, with a gross of $2 million. Blue Hawaii also ranked high for the year 1962, placing #14 on the list. Its total gross through 1962 was $4.7 million.

There was a minor incident while filming Blue Hawaii. Rain caused a delay in filming one day, and the crew had to wait for hours for the rain to subside. After the rain let up, the crew began filming once again. Elvis was about to film his scene where he is running out of the surf, and the Colonel yells: "Cut, cut!" Director Taurog and Hal Wallis were flabbergasted and demanded to know what was wrong, as only the director can holler cut. The Colonel, pointed out that Elvis was wearing his own watch and the movie contract outlined that Elvis was not to wear any part of his own clothing which included jewelry. If the director and producer wanted to keep any part of what was just shot, they had to agree to pay an extra $25,000 for Elvis' own attire. They asked Elvis to remove his watch and the shot was redone.


Chad Gates had just served a two year stint in the army based in Italy.

Maile Duval was part French (father) and part Hawaiian (mother).

Chad's father Fred Gates worked as a supervisor at the Great Southern Hawaiian Fruit Company. The company was home based in Atlanta and had 317 salesmen nationwide.

Maile worked at the Hawaiian Tourist Guide Service managed by Mr. Chapman. Chad later went to work there. 

In one scene at the Island Inn, Ellie is carrying on with Tucker Garvey. AT this point Chad tells her there's "no use steppin' out of line." This is where the song "Steppin' Out of Line" was originally sung before it was cut from the film.

After they married, Chad and Maile formed the Gates of Hawaii travel agency.


In the scene at the pineapple fields, the car door is open in one camera shot, but closed in the very next shot.

In another scene, the sign on the door to Mr. Chapman's office indicates that the name of the company is Hawaiian Island Tours. Yet when introducing herself to Abigail Prentice, Maile says she in an associate of the Hawaiian Tourist Guide Service.


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