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Fun In Acapulco



Shooting began January 28,1963 and completed mid-March.

Opened nationally November 27, 1963

Character:  Mike Windgren

Producer: Hal B. Wallis

Director: Richard Thorpe



Elvis stars as Mike Windgren, a former circus performer trying to escape his past. Mike's former career ended when his partner was seriously injured while performing on the high trapeze with him. He felt responsible for the accident. Traumatized by this, he has developed a fear of heights. He finds himself in Acapulco, where he gets hired as a lifeguard at a resort hotel. In the evenings, he moonlights as an entertainer for hotel guests. He soon becomes involved with the daughter of the Hotel chef, who is herself the hotel social director. He also shares his attentions with a lady bullfighter. He soon learns he is rivaled for their affections by another hotel lifeguard. This rival learns of his past afflictions and encourages him to tempt fate with cliff diving. He soon finds this to help him to overcome his fears and his love for Marguerita.



"Fun In Acapulco"-Sung over the opening credits.

"Vino, Dinero y Amor"-Sung in Torito's with the Four Amigos.

"I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"-sung in Torito's with the Four Amigos.

"Mexico"-Sung in duet with Larry Damasin while riding on a bicycle.

"El Toro"-Sung in the Chapultepec Room of the Acapulco Hilton.

"Marguerita"-Sung at La Perla.

"the Bullfighter Was a Lady"-Sung  in the Chapultepec Room of the Acapulco Hilton.

"(There's) No Room To Rhumba in a Sports Car"-Sung in a sports car with Elsa Cardenas.

"Bossa Nova Baby"-sung at the Tropicana Hotel.

"You Can't Say No in Acapulco"-Sung at poolside at the Acapulco Hilton.

"Guadalajara"-Sung after making the dive at La Perla.

"Malaguena" was scheduled for the film, but not used in the final product.



Mike Windgren - Elvis Presley

Marguerita Dauphin - Ursula Andress

Delores Gomez - Elsa Cardenas

Maximillian Dauphin - Paul Lukas

Raoul Almeido - Larry Domasin

Moreno - Alejandro Rey

Jose Garcia - Robert Carricart

Janie Harkins - Teri Hope

Mariachi Los Vaqueros - Themselves

Mariachi Aguila - Themselves

Dr. John Stevers - Howard McNear

Mr. Ramirez, Manager of the Hilton - Alberto Morin

Mrs. Stevers - Mary Treen

Mr. Perez, Manager of La Perla - Salvador Baguez

Mr. Delgado, Manager of the Ambassador - Edward Colmans

Mr. Harkins - Charles Evans

Guard - Mike Deanda

Manager of the Tropicana Hotel - Martin Garralaga

Senorita at Torito's - Stella Garcia

Photographer - Tom Hernandez

Desk Clerk - Francisco Ortega

Senorita at the Telegraph Desk - Linda Rivera

Waiter - Donald A. Diamond

Secretary - Adele Palacios

1st Girl - Darlene Tomkins

Bellboy - Robert De Anda

Maitre D' and Waiter - Robert Iglesias

Taxi Driver - Robert M. Alderette

Bullfighter - Marco Antonio

Master of Ceremonies at the Hilton - Luis De Urban

Bullfighter - Carmelo Manto

Bullfighter - Alberto Monte

2nd Girl - Linda Rand

Photographer - David Renard

Waiter - Bob Harvey

Guest - John Indrisano

1st Diver - Loren Brown

2nd Diver - Elly C. Enriguez

3rd Diver - Stuart Gray

4th Diver - Ronald Veto

5th Diver - Ralph Hanalei

Bartender - Alex Giannini

Castanet Player - Rachel Parra

Diver - George Simmons

Poolside Guest - Red West


Production Notes:

Although several locations were photographed in Acapulco, Elvis did not travel to the city. All of his shots wee shot on the Paramount lot in Hollywood.

The soundtrack album of Fun In Acapulco had thirteen songs, it was Elvis's thirteenth film, and there are thirteen letters in the film's title.

Vacation in Acapulco was first considered as the film's title.

Paramount created passports as a promotional gimmick to use during the promotion of the film and a passport was shown on movie posters for the film.

The Beatles went to see Fun in Acapulco at a drive-in theater in Miami on February 18, 1964, during their first American tour.

Elvis chose to participate in some of his own stunts in this film. In the opening scene, Elvis's Character is performing as an aerialist in the circus. His character is to swing from a high trapeze without a net, 20 feet above the circus floor, and accidentally miss his partner, who plummets to the floor. Every precaution was taken to protect Elvis, but Hal Wallis was still nervous with him doing the stunt himself. As an added precaution, the stunt was scheduled to be done during the last days of filming and when all of his other scenes were completed. Elvis performed the stunt with incident. He did not do the high dive stunt off the cliff.

Fun in Acapulco reached #5 on Variety's weekly top-grossing films list. For the year 1963, it ranked #33, grossing more than $1.5 million for the last six weeks of that year.


Mike Windgren met Dolores Gomez in Torito's.

The Chapultepec Room was the cabaret at the Acapulco Hilton where Mike replaced El Trovador as the featured singer.

During Elvis's singing of "You Can't Say No in Acapulco," Red West could be seen at a poolside table.

Mike and his parents formed a trapeze act know as the Flying Windgrens. He quit after causing his partner to be seriously injured.

Mike's nickname for Marguerita was Princess.


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